What the New iPhone Means for Marketers

This morning, Apple pulled the wraps off their newest mobile phone, the iPhone 4S. It has a better camera, it’s faster, it has the largest storage capability of any iPhone and it responds to voice commands in a way we’ve never seen outside of Star Trek.

The live blogger for the New York Times summed it up best with this statement:

“We are clearly headed to Terminator/HAL territory here. Humans are doomed. Deal with it.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features.

Siri: Your Personal Assistant

Voice command module, Siri, is the main reason to switch to this new iPhone. It’s an incredibly intuitive system that understands and responds to conversational English (and a few other languages).

Ask what the weather is and you’ll get a weather report.

People Are Talking About Facebook’s New Metrics

How do you measure the success of your Facebook page? We look at the number of Followers, we look at the number of comments and the number of views per post. But social media marketing is more encompassing than that. It’s about connections and reviews, it’s about creating buzz that travels from your customer to their friends and out to their friends and so on.

Facebook is making an attempt to quantify these connections with new metrics for Pages. Once the product is launched, you’ll find these new details on the Insights tab which is open to any admin on a Fan Page.

Tricks and Treats: Halloween Marketing Comes to Facebook

It’s October and you know what that means. It’s time to brew up some scary Halloween-themed marketing for your Facebook page. Here’s how a couple of the big boys are doing it.


Target knows that recommendations are everything in social media marketing, so they’ve created an app that involves your friends in the biggest decision of the season: “What costume should I wear?”

The app offers a variety of subjects in the drop down, from personal costume choice, to your kids, parents, babies and pets. Using the catalog at the bottom of the app, you choose four options then ask your friends to vote via the share button. The app also directs you to Target’s full costume catalog and coupons for deals on candy.

Top In August: Groupon Drops and Weather Rises

Which websites topped the list of the most visited in August? Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube. But that’s not really new news, is it? But scan down Kantar Media’s list of the Top 250 Websites for August and there are some lines of note.

Take, for example, Groupon.

That’s quite a hit. LivingSocial also saw a drop in numbers but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic. Still, neither site is crying since they’re still way ahead of where they were last year. Even with the drop, Groupon is sitting at 164.9% year-over-year.

Other losers include Netflix (no surprise there) with a 4.06% drop, MySpace, down 55.84% for the year and Flickr down 8.75. Could it be that Facebook and now Twitter are siphoning off some of Flickr’s traffic now that photo handling is easier on both social networks.

Study Shows Multi-Screen Advertising Aids Recall

You know how two heads are better than one? Apparently, three screens top that when it comes to advertising recall.

Google and Nielsen got together on this study to determine the effectiveness of multi-screen marketing. They gathered groups of people and had them watch a 15-second video ad for a Volvo S60 sedan. Some saw the ad only on TV. Some saw it on TV and on a smartphone. Then they mixed up more combos including ads on PCs and tablets.

Here’s what they got:

Look at that nice hike in recall. Now, my first thought was, of course recall was better because they saw the ad four times where the base-level group only saw it once. Then I noted this line in the results, “different combinations of screens controlling for frequency.” So, I guess that means that the TV only people also saw the ad four times.

Social Gamers Rock the Online Marketing World

There are those who believe that video gamers are anti-social misfits who step outside their cave-like comfort zones only in search of food and the occasional shower. And while that might of been true of a generation who consumed Pac-Man cereal for every meal, it’s no longer the case.

Today’s gamers come from a wide variety of age groups and educational backgrounds, and the majority of them are women. Even more amazing? They’re social. They may be sitting home alone while they peck on the keyboard (though it’s more likely they’re surrounded by several young children), but inside the game, they’re communicating with real people from all around the world.

I’m talking, actual humans, not figures programmed to act like one.

Twitter Ad Revenues Also Continue to Climb

Yesterday, we took a look at the general state of affairs in online advertising and from a revenue perspective, it’s was all, up, up, up. Today, eMarketer has numbers on Twitter alone and it’s right on trend with the rest of the market.

eMarketer predicts that Twitter will pull in $139.5 million in global ad revenues this year. That’s an increase of 210% over last year. Not bad, huh? The prediction for 2013? $400 million.

What’s amazing about Twitter’s ad success is that it’s been incorporated into the site in a very unobtrusive way. The ads are there in my stream, and I notice them, but they don’t bother me. Occasionally, I even click on one. This is not the case with Facebook.