Facebook Tests “Opt Out of Advertiser” Option

Facebook wants to make you happy. That’s why they have a little X next to the sidebar ads that allows you to get rid of any pitch that doesn’t please you. Now, they’re taking it a step further by allowing users to block specific advertisers.

According to Inside Facebook, the “hide all from [advertiser]” option is currently being beta tested as part of the drop down you see pictured here.

For Facebook, this is an easy way to get the users to their job for them. If a large number of people block ads saying they’re misleading, then Facebook’s backend should see the problem and bring it to a human’s attention.

Overall it’s a Win for Back-To-School Sales

Mother Nature is a powerful lady. Not only can she tear down buildings in a blink of an eye, she can also throw a nation’s economy into a whirl that rivals her worst tornado.

This time around, we lucked out.

Hurricane Irene was kinder than expected which is to take nothing away from the millions of people who are still dealing with the aftermath. With more important things than back-to-school shopping on their minds, consumers stopped spending last weekend and it hurt quite a few stores. There’s no telling what the impact was on small businesses up and down the coast, but large chains including Macy’s and JC Penny both missed their monthly sales goals and they blame it on the storm.

And the Top Web Brand For July Is. . .


Our favorite rankers, the Nielsen Company, has worked out a complex new scheme that measures total hits to websites through a variety of sources. Their “hybrid data” approach combines information from their online panel with data culled from traffic tools in order to reach a more exact number.

Nielsen says their data includes usage from both home and work computers, but also takes into account visits through smartphones, tablets and possibly psychic connections where no device was needed in order to make contact.

Overall, 213 million people were online in July, they each spent an average of 27 hours and 14 minutes online, viewing 2,572 webpages per person.

How many of those people did you reach with your marketing efforts?

Is it Time to Take on Tumblr?

Forget Blogger, LiveJournal even WordPress — Tumblr is the hot new blogging spot and it may be time to add it to your list of social media marketing options.

According to numbers from comScore, this creeping giant grew 218% in the last year, rising from 4.2 million visitors to 13.4. The trouble is, if you’re not a twenty-something female, you’ve probably never heard of the site.

Tumblr is like blogger for those with a short attention span. Though you can leave lengthy text posts, the site is designed to work with smaller bits of information such as photos, videos and quotes.

ABC, NBC, CBS and Yahoo?

Yahoo is going into the TV business, but you won’t find their new shows on your living room screen. Where you will find them is on your computer, tablet or smartphone which means you can watch from the bedroom, the office, the park or the living room after all.

This fall, Yahoo will launch a schedule of short-form shows that were made specifically for the web giant. Comedian Niecy Nash will have her own show as will Morgan Spurlock and Judy Greer.

Variety reports that the shows will skew female with an emphasis on food, romance and celebrities. One show right up my alley is called Your Friends Will Never Believe You. In each episode a fan will receive a “unique” surprise visit from their favorite celebrity. All My Children star Cameron Mathison will help men deliver the Ultimate Proposal while Spurlock helps people deal with their fear of failure be it in business or in their relationships.

Google, Intuit and Missouri Partner Up to Get SMBs Online

There was a time when all a local business needed was a phone and an ad in the Yellow Pages in order to bring in customers. Today, 97% of Americans go online to find local services but only 63% of small businesses have a web presence. Why? Because as hard as it may be for anyone who reads MarketingPilgrim to believe, not everyone knows how to build a website.

Then there’s this: “the nation’s 27.5M small businesses comprise half the US GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs.” SMBs truly are the backbone of our economy and they’re also the ones who struggle the most to remain afloat.

The State of Missouri wants to help, so they’ve partnered with Google and Intuit for the “Missouri Get Your Business Online” campaign.

Most B2Bs Spend Under 5% of Revenue on Marketing

Everyone knows you have to spend money to make money, but in the B2B world, that spend is only around 5% of the make.

According to numbers from eMarketer, the majority of B2B marketers say their spend is equal to 5% or less of their company’s revenue. But even though the numbers are tied together, 35% of marketers said they didn’t report their financial contributions to senior management. 33% said they don’t even track their return on investment.

If we talk strictly about smaller B2B companies, it’s easy to see why they aren’t tracking and reporting — because it takes too much time and time is an even tighter commodity than money. There are plenty of tools online to help you gather stats but connecting those stats to income is the tricky part.