Retail Takes Top Spot for Online Ad Spending

As you travel around the internet on your daily quest for knowledge, you’ll see a lot of ads and the majority of them will come from the retail industry.

According to numbers from eMarketer, retail will spend an additional $1.3 billion on online ads this year bringing them up to an estimated $6.78 billion. The trend is expected to continue with retail claiming the top spot through with $11.08 billion by 2015.

The up and comer is the consumer packaged good industry, though they currently sit in 5th place for online ad share. In the next few years, eMarketer predicts a rise of 14% to 29% per year. That, combined with a slow down by telecom advertising means CPG will move up a notch by 2015.

Facebook Gets Zippy and Amazon Gets Busy

Zippy, the Zip Code Man has been helping the post office route letters since the 1960’s and now Facebook has joined the party. As of yesterday, advertisers on Facebook can now chose to target their ads by state, city or zip code.

It may seem like city goes hand-in-hand with zip, but for a local business on a budget, it can make a big difference. Take a large city such as Los Angeles. People from one side of the city, aren’t going to sit in forty minutes of traffic to get to a coffee shop when they can find ten within ten minutes. With Facebook’s new zip option, that coffee shop owner can chose only those zip codes within a few mile radius of his shop. Or even within a half-circle if the radius includes the bad part of town.

Millennial Media’s 50th Mobile Intelligence Report: That was Then, This is Now

Millennial Media released their 50th Mobile Intelligence Report today which covers Q2 2011 and includes a look back at where we were in 2009.

One of the biggest changes is Apple’s rise to dominate the top of the mobile device charts. In 2009, they were number 3 with 11.35% of the market, but in 2011, they’re number one with 30.76%. Samsung dropped down to number two, but 2009’s second place LG has dropped all the way to 6th place.

Going along with Apple’s supremacy is the rise in touch screens. Currently 60% of devices have them, as compared to only 33% back in 2009. The mobile phone biz has changed so radically that only two phones made the Top 20 list both then and now, the iPhone and the Blackberry Curve. In 2009, it was all about the T-Mobile Sidekick and the Samsung Instinct. My, how times have changed. Of course, compared to the first portable phones, the Sidekick is a true marvel.

Twitter Connects the Dots with New Activity Tab

Check Twitter later today and you should find another new upgrade designed to keep you from using those third-party encroachers.

First, they’re adding more data to the @YOURNAME tab so you can easily see who is reTweeting you along with messages directed at you. It also lists Tweets that were favorited but does anyone really use that function? I’m a big Twitter user and don’t think I’ve ever favorited a Tweet. This tab will also drop you a note if someone follows or lists you.

Next, they’re adding a whole new tab called Activity. Activity should mean everything that happens in your account but it doesn’t. This new tab will show you what the people you follow are up to including their favorites, new follows and reTweets.  Here’s the example from the Twitter blog:

Social Media Burn Out and Why You Shouldn’t Try to Do it All

Sometimes I feel like one of those kitchen gadgets they sell on late night TV. It slices, it dices, it makes perfect julienne fries, diapers the baby and writes your blog for you while you sleep. The irony is, that the computer age was supposed to help us get things done faster so we could have more leisure time, but in reality, it’s given us even more to do.

Yesterday, Zen Habits delivered a refreshing post on living the minimalist lifestyle. Avoiding “Groundhog Day” syndrome and 4 hours a day to contemplate my navel while at the beach sounds nice, but truthfully, I’m not ready to give up my TV or my internet.

New Tool Reveals WhoReTweetedMe

A year ago, most people would have no idea what you were talking about if you asked who retweeted them. My, my how times have changed. Today, retweeting is the equivalent of coins dropping out of a slot machine. Bing, bang, ching — each one represents a boost for your business and depending on who retweeted, your reach can grow to 100 times more than your original message.

Because the care and feeding of RTers is so important, Hubspot is beta testing a simple tool that delivers all the stats you need in one place. It’s called and all you have to do is submit the URL of the webpage or blog post that you Tweeted and the tool does the rest.

Syfy’s Haven Hatches an Unprecedented Twitter Plot

Haven, Maine may look like a typical, small New England town but strange things happen here — on a regular basis. People turn to stone. Shadows run off on their own and a giant, killer ball rolling down the street is perfectly normal. In Haven, they call it The Troubles. In TV circles, they call it a hit.

This Friday, the folks behind the Syfy series will launch an unprecedented social media effort, a storyline that flows back and forth between the series and Twitter.

Executive Producer Lloyd Segan says,

“Although Twitter has been featured in TV shows before, this is the first time a storyline from a television series has been fully integrated with the popular online service. The story has been created in such a way that viewers who don’t follow the Twitter plot can still enjoy the show. For those that do, there will be a special meaning to events in Haven during these seven episodes.”