What’s the Cost of a Bad Review?

Twitter has been a real boon to online marketers, but unfortunately, it’s also gotten a few people into big trouble. This week it was a a PR guy who took a swipe at those who gave his video game a bad review.

“too many went too far with their reviews. We r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom.”

The game company fired the PR firm and the press that followed is probably making the rest of their clients a little nervous. But I’m not here to harp on this poor fellow who spoke his mind in public or the evils of Tweeting angry. It happens, we’re all human and social media allows us to tell the world, far too easily. It’s going to happen again, that’s a given.

Is Facebook Going Gray?

My husband just told me that the generation gap between him and our teen son, is less than it was between him and his father when he was a teen. I thought he was nuts, but then I saw this report from eMarketer that shows a significant rise in Facebook engagement with folks over 55.

Could Facebook be the great equalizer of all folks from 18 to 80? Less than a year ago, brand engagement for the over 55 set was less than 1 in 4 while 60% of the 18-34 group was clicking “like” on a brand page.  Now, 43% of respondents in the over 55 group said they “like” a brand on Facebook and there’s every indication that the number will continue to climb. It might even climb past that of the younger users as part of a trend I bet Facebook doesn’t like.

Groupon, Pandora Big Noise, Small Splash

When people talk about hot trends on the web, Groupon is on the list, but for all the noise they’re making, the experts say that Groupon isn’t turning a profit and may have a hard time doing so in the future.

Now, it’s Pandora’s turn in the spotlight thanks to their announced IPO and hey, lookee there, they’re not making any money either. How can that be?

The generally accepted theory is, the more users you have, the more money you make, right? Not so. In Pandora’s case, more users means they have to spend more on music licensing, which should be off-set by more advertisers, but it’s not happening.

Connected Device, iPad Impressions Continue to Rise

It’s time for the Millennial Media MobileMix for May. Say that three times fast.

This month, they added connected devices to the mix and found out that 70% of all impressions are coming from portable video gaming devices and MP3 players. Tablets got 29% of the pie, items such as ebook readers and connected TVs ate up the rest.

Music also helped push “Entertainment & Music” into the number one spot on the chart for Top 10 Mobile Application Categories. That category showed growth of 14%. Games came in second, followed by Mocial, Communications and our old friend Weather. Travel moved up 33% thanks to folks planning their summer vacations.

Apple is responsible for 45% of the applications in the atmosphere, but Android is running a close second with 43%.

Mountain Dew: Say My Name, Say My Name

Mountain Dew is getting personal with a new series of ads promoting three discontinued flavors that are back for a limited time. It’s called the “Back by Popular Dewmand” campaign and it’s designed to reward the fans that worked hard to get the product back on the shelf.

It all began at Mountain Dew’s Facebook page where fans were asked to vote on their favorite flavors then back it up with videos and photos. Each flavor had a winner and the winner was treated to a flavor party with their friends. But it doesn’t stop there. Now Mountain Dew is running banner and radio ads that feature the name and likeness of those rabid Dew fans.

Mobile Social Media Up Nearly Fifty Percent in Past Year

Mobile social networking, or mocial, is when you use your phone to access Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or any other social networking site. People have been doing it for a couple of years, but now that smartphones and social media apps are so prevalent, it’s become one of the most popular categories in mobile usage.

The chart comes from a webinar delivered by comScore titled ‘The State of the U.S. Mobile Advertising Industry and What Lies Ahead” The bars show usage comparisons between March 2010 and March 2011. At a quick glance, you can see that every category showed growth, with social networking and map usage on mobile up nearly 50%. Weather and news of all kinds grew in the 30% – 40% range. Even IMing got a double digit boost.

LinkedIn User Base Expands After IPO

LinkedIn got more than a rise in stock prices when they announced their IPO in May. They also gained 6.7% more users over the prior month. This is especially significant since they showed a 2.5% decline in April.

According to Bloomberg, LinkedIn is now poised to take over the number two spot from MySpace, who had 34.9 million unique users in May compared to LinkedIn’s 33.4. MySpace’s number sounds nice until you see that it’s a 48% decline from the same period in the prior year. Facebook is still number one, but new reports claim that they’re losing ground as well.

Could LinkedIn not only take over the number two spot but move to number one as well? Yes, and no.