Do Personal Tweets Make You More Credible?

Do you mix business with pleasure – on social media, that is? A blogger at Ars Technica has just posted about a study that examines the relationship between professors who Tweet and their students.

The study had students follow a specially designed Twitter feed that was supposedly written by one of their professors. One group got only school-related Tweets, one got only personal Tweets and the third group got a mix.

After following the feeds, the students were asked to rate the professor’s credibility. The highest ratings came from those who saw only personal Tweets. The addition of school-related Tweets did nothing to raise the professor’s score.

The authors of the study felt that the higher rating came from the fact that the students thought the personal Tweeting professor was more “caring” which apparently is more important that competent.

The TV – Twitter Connection

I watch a lot of television and I follow a lot of people on Twitter who also watch a lot of television. Before I had an iPhone, though, I couldn’t understand how people could send out twenty tweets a night commenting on TV shows as they aired. Then I got an iPhone and it all became clear.

With an iPhone, it’s so easy to share important thoughts with the world like, “What’s up with that carpenter wearing a suit and tie? He looks like Dr. Who! #americasnextgreatrestaurant” and how I feel about the song choices of this year’s American Idol contestants. At least my Tweets have some substance.

Kitchen Table Conversation and Making Your Customers Feel At Home

Have you ever been to an ING Direct cafe? They’re opening a new one in San Francisco and here’s how they describe it in the press release.

Designed to make saving money and banking a true retail and community experience, the Cafe will be a place where locals can have kitchen table conversations about finances and get to know ING DIRECT.  Also, the community can get a great cup of coffee, surf the net through free WiFi and enjoy several floors of creative space to work or hold meetings.

CBS Says Age and Sex Don’t Matter

TV network CBS is taking a stance about sexism and ageism, but it has nothing to do with their hiring practices, it has to do with viewer demographics. CBS is working with Nielsen to devise a new way for categorizing viewers, one that is based on viewer behavior instead of their vital stats.

AdAge got the scoop from CBS Corp. Chief Research Officer David Poltrack, who talked about the idea at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2011 conference.

Poltrack says that small test studies conducted by Nielsen and Nielsen Catalina have proved what he’s always known, which is that “There is no link, none, between the age of the specified demographic delivery of the campaign and the sales generated by that campaign.”

Wall Street Journal Tests Single Issue Downloads

Remember when delivering the daily paper was the responsibility of a neighbor kid on a Schwinn bike? We not only paid to have that wad of knowledge slap down on our doorsteps every morning, we even happily tipped the boy when he came to collect the fee every week.

Ah, the good old days. Now people balk when you ask them to spend cold, hard cash to have that very same paper delivered instantly to their mobile device. Yes, the same people who will spend hundreds of real dollars to keep up a virtual farm, balk at the idea of spending $18 to read the news. Amazing, isn’t it?

Facebook Tests Real-Time Ads

It’s been cold and rainy here in Southern California. I sure could use some soup for lunch!

If I was part of Facebook’s new test group, the next ad I’d see shortly after posting that status update might be the one you see here. And by shortly, I don’t mean later that day, but within seconds.

The test Facebook is conducting is to see if they can deliver targeted ads in real-time based on wall posts and status updates. Right now, ads are targeted based on a number of criteria including posts, interests and other information in a person’s profile. But those ads, relevant though they may be (and they aren’t always relevant) take time to show up on site.

Bing Upgrades Their Mobile Browsing Experience

Bing has just released an upgrade to their mobile browser that takes the best of apps and combines it with the best of the browser for a faster, easier user experience.


Like the Bing app, the Bing mobile browser offers a scrolling list of categories to help narrow down your choices from the moment you start to search. From there, you can jump to the updated shopping helper which uses more graphics than text to guide you through the next steps. Each category drills down at least twice until you’re presented with a list of pre-selected items, which, unless you’re gift shopping for someone you don’t know, is fairly useless.