Meebo Launches New Web Check-In Service

You can check-in to your favorite restaurant, retail store and even your friend’s house. Now, Meebo wants you to check-in to your favorite websites in return for VIP status, discounts and more.

Meebo is the company that makes that sharing bar you see at the bottom of many sites. The bar can be customized to show recent activity, offer chat options and present promotional campaigns.  The new bar, which launches later this week, has the ability to reward users who visit a site multiple times.

The new widget uses a “super secret algorithm” to determine if a person is a VIP visitor. If so, the widget pops up in the bottom corner with a discount or link to special content.

Allowing Fans to Post Leads to Higher Facebook Engagement Scores

This August, Facebook is going to make a change that will force all brand pages to allow user comments on their Facebook wall. While this move is concerning some, it’s actually a good thing when it comes to engagement.

A recent study by digital think tank L2, shows that companies who do allow fan posting had a considerably higher Facebook IQ score than those who didn’t. What’s FB IQ? It’s a nifty little number L2 whipped up to measure the effectiveness of Facebook brand pages. It takes in to account, not only the number of fans, but the number of comments, growth rate, posting frequency, content variety, search engine visibility and more.

New Study: Sharing Accounts for 31 Percent of Referral Traffic

ShareThis has released a new study about. . .surprise, surprise, internet sharing. They took a look at the 300 million monthly users who click on one of those ShareThis buttons and here’s what they found out.

  • Sharing accounts for 31% of referral traffic and 10% of website visits come from sharing.
  • Shared links on Twitter are clicked an average of 4.9 times each. Facebook 4.3 and email only 1.7.
  • Facebook accounts for 38% of all sharing referral traffic.
  • Email brings in 17%.
  • Twitter brings in 11%

TechCrunch delves a little deeper and adds:

  • Shared links lose ground as they move further from the source.
  • 80% of people share within one category and 70% will only click on one category with entertainment and shopping ruling in the Facebook arena.

Bing, Google and Yahoo Collaborate on a Single Search Language

If you think about it, search engines are pretty smart. They can look at a block of text on your website and make a decision about whether you’re discussing the Stanley Cup playoffs or your grandmother’s chili. But as smart as they are, they can’t always pick up on the nuisances of a page and that’s where comes in.

Google, Bing and Yahoo! have all announced their participation in the program and that’s gotta be some kind of landmark, right? Like Mr. Macy and Mr. Gimble shaking hands with Santa Claus? The idea is to develop a singular markup language for microdata sets that will allow all search engines to pick up on like bits of information across a variety of webpages.

Application Downloads Continue to Rise

Have you built a mobile app to promote your business yet? If not, add that to the To Do list for June, because according to the latest MilennialMedia S.M.A.R.T. report, application downloads are still on the rise.

Application downloads popped up 26% month-over-month with entertainment, retail and travel being the major users. Mobile Social Media (aka Mocial) is also on the rise with marketers looking to up their Facebook and Twitter followers.

Looking only at mobile retail, the report says that mCommerce doubled month-over-month, and Mocial grew 115% in that same time period.

Need some mobile app inspiration? Check out 5 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your iPhone and before the next full moon, download the Werewolf Locator app. You’ll be glad you did.

Twitter Buys AdGrok Team To Work on Monetization

Twitter is making a serious bid to compete in the online ad space, this time buying up a small company called AdGrok whose tagline is “we make internet marketing simple.” Actually, their interface was designed to make Google’s AdWords simple and if they did that, then it’s no wonder Twitter wanted to scoop them up.

The AdGrok system included a GrokBar, the Grok-o-Matic and the Groknoculars, all of which made you a Pro-Groker for only $59.00 a month. And I tell you all of this only because I like the word Grok as much as they do. But now, sadly, the time has come to move on to a world where everything happens in under 140 characters, which is enough to say Live long and prosper six times in one Tweet, so it’s all good.

Amazon Gets in on the Local Game

It was inevitable really, Amazon, who pioneered many of the currents trends in online retailing is now a follower. Introducing AmazonLocal! Likely coming soon to a city near you, but right now, only from Boise.

Now, I’ve got nothing against the folks of, what I’m sure, is a lovely city in Idaho, but really? According to TNW, Amazon chose the city because they liked their sense of whimsy, as demonstrated by BSU’s blue football field. Got me on that one, but everything has to start somewhere so why not Boise.

When I went to check out the service, it already knew my name, which always creeps me out. Obviously it pulled my name from my Amazon login, but it still wanted to know where I lived. As I moved through the process, I had this strange feeling of deja vu. TNW says that’s because Amazon isn’t sourcing their own deals (yet), they’re getting them from partnerships with other sites such as LivingSocial.