AdSense Unveils Cleaner, Clearer Interface

AdSense has finally rolled out their new interface to all users and it’s a welcome sight. The new dashboard is clearer, easier to use and much more intuitive than what was there before.

The new AdSense interface is designed to get you want you need with fewer clicks and gives you more control over the ads that run on your sites. It all begins with an overview screen with a sense of humor. I like that. As soon as you hit the page you can easily see your current earnings and whether you have any messages or alerts. Payments are front and center as they should be, because let’s face it, we’re all in this to earn some cash, right?

Tweeting Your Way to Success

This morning, as I skimmed through my newsfeeds and email messages, I found three posts that had to do with finding a way to excel on Twitter. Since the bird seems to be in the collective consciousness today, I thought I’d take a moment to add my two cents to the communal pot.

Let’s start with Business News Daily. For some strange reason, they have two, very similar articles running today that deal with Twitter success. First, there’s 9 Steps to a Successful Twitter Strategy.

The title alone will stop many people in their tracks. Strategy? I just post whatever comes to mind when I have minute, right? Is that a strategy? No, Newman, it’s not. The article lists nine steps to setting up a plan but basically it breaks down to this, list your marketing goals, listen to your customers, create a plan to regularly engage and respond to your customers, set up metrics to measure your success in regard to the marketing goals.

Super Bowl Ads and the Evolution of Online Marketing

Do you remember Back in 2000, the internet company made a big splash with a clever Super Bowl ad that had pet owners rushing to the site to buy dog food. Actually, not the second part. Like a lot of companies during the boom, the Super Bowl ad was the first and final hurrah for

While you won’t see the return of the dandies this Super Bowl, Advertising Age is predicting a big run on ads that are digitally and socially enhanced. Go read the article. I’ll wait.

(Insert “The Girl from Ipanema” here.)

Back? Great. Pete Blackshaw makes a reference to a POEM framework: paid media, owned media and earned media. It’s his contention, and I totally agree, that the successful brands will find a way to balance the golden POEM triangle in order to get the very most out of every ad dollar.

IAB Puts Out Plan to Standardize Mobile Metrics

If you’re running a marketing campaign with no means of measuring the results, you’re wasting your money. Trouble is, with the marketing world changing as fast as it is, we haven’t even developed a baseline for what’s considered a success in Twitter or Facebook and mobile is even further behind. Because of this, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have put together a set of measurement guidelines that they’re hoping will become the standard for all mobile advertising.

Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB says;

“Consumers have brought mobile devices into their daily lives at an astonishing pace. The ‘Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines’ will give marketers greater assurance that their advertising messages are reaching consumers on these mobile devices and that’s critical for continued growth.”

Consumers Plan to Use Mobile Phones for Holiday Shopping

59% of mobile consumers plan to use their mobile phone for holiday shopping and planning holiday celebrations, not including making phone calls. That’s a huge jump over 2009, when the number was only 25%.

The numbers come from the October 2010 U.S. Mobile Consumer Briefing, which was conducted on behalf of the The Mobile Marketing Association and it’s even further proof that mobile marketing is on the rise.

Of those who expected to use their phone to faciliate shopping, 64% said they’re check their phone before going to a store, but only 12% said it would be in response to a  TV, billboard or newspaper ad. What are they using the phones for? To search for locations where a gift is sold and to compare prices were the two most common responses.

Google Adds Instant Previews to Search Results

Google is now more instant than ever before thanks to a new feature called Instant Previews. Now, when you skim a list of Google search results you have the option of turning on a preview of the webpage. To do this, you simply click the magnifying glass beside any result. Once it’s toggled on, all of the previews will appear as you skim down the page.

In addition to showing a snapshot of the website, it sometimes pulls out a quote from the page. I thought it was only doing this with blogs, but I can’t find a pattern to which sites have highlighted text and which don’t.

TV Ads Don’t Equal Big Sales for Online Products

You’re the author of a book on how to turn kitchen waste into cash and you want to spread the word. So what do you do? Why not invest in a snazzy TV commercial to play on the Food Network or during Pawn Stars. This is your audience, foodies who love to treasure hunt! But author Joel Comm says don’t waste your money because despite all the hype, TV ads are not the stuff dreams are made on.

It goes back to the early days of TV, when Ralph and Norton demonstrated the Handy Housewife Helper and Lucy proclaimed that Vitameatavegamin was so tasty, too! For years, sitcoms have taught us that a single TV commercial can result in an avalanche of sales which generally left our TV hero struggling to meet the demand with comical results.  In reality, a TV commercial is just another tool in the tool kit and not always the best tool for the job.