What’s in a Twitter Name?

Afro-Cheez and Neko-do had their fifteen minutes of fame last week when the Miami Herald ran their Twitter “quotes” as part of their newspaper’s coverage of the anniversary of 9/11.

Understandably, some of the Herald’s actual reporters (Remember reporters? Like Clark Kent, only without the bulky camera) objected and said so in a letter they posted in the newsroom. Their objection was two fold, partly they objected to the idea of displacing actual reporting with inane comments from Twitter. Second, they brought up the fact that the Twitter attributes made the relevancy and quality of the “quotes” even worse because they aren’t real names.

I gotta say that I’m with them on this. Having made my living as a reporter in a variety of mediums over the last nineteen years, I cringe at the way social media has crept in as acceptable journalism.

comScore Study Says Ad Retargeting Generates Strongest Lift

comScore just released  a new study they conducted with ValueClick Media on the effectiveness of online display advertising according to its media placement strategy. They analyzed 103 campaigns from 39 different advertisers covering 7 industries, examining the lift in brand website visitation and trademark search queries across six different media placement strategies.

Here’s a simplified look at what they found.

Retargeting – Served to users that have previously visited an advertiser’s site.

ReTargeted ads had the highest lift in trademark search behavior with a whopping 1,046 percent. The downside is that retargeting by the very nature of the beast, doesn’t reach as many potential customers so it’s perfect for those who have a high volume of abandoned shopping carts.

Premium Pricing – High visibility placements on premium publishers.

A Picture on Friday Morning is Worth a Thousand Words

If you want to connect with the fans on your Facebook page, post on Friday morning and use a picture. Those are the three elements that scored highest for fan engagement in the new study by Virtue. With Anatomy of a Facebook Post, the social media management company studied the effects of day, time and inclusion of video or images when posting on Facebook.

The least startling news is that adding an image ups engagement 54% over text posts and 22% over video posts. From there, the stats are broken down into two segments, CPG (Consumer Package Goods) and QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants).

3,000 New Facebook Fans is Music to Their Ears

MySpace used to be, and possibly still is, the number one social media site for indie musicians but music consultant Madalyn Sklar is quick to point out that “Facebook rocks” for indie artists for one simple reason, their fans are on Facebook already.

A recent guest post on AllFacebook.com outlined a simple Facebook strategy for bands looking to make the leap and there’s info here everyone can use, even if you’re selling vitamins instead of songs. Author Peter Tanham suggests that for less than the cost of a night out on the town for you and your mates (band or otherwise), you can get 1,000 Facebook fans using Facebook ads. And these aren’t any old fans, these are people who are engaged and interested in the product. Is that worth staying in next Friday night?

Groupon Gone Wrong: One Customer’s Sad Tale

You rarely hear people complaining about having too much business, but when that business arrives in the form of 1,000 Groupon Coupons it can be a huge headache for everyone involved.

Jessie Burke runs a small cafe in Portland and she decided to try the group deal service in hopes of getting some new customers. What she got was an endless stream of people who came for the deal and probably never returned after that.

In a recent blog post that has gone more viral than the author had hoped, Burke says that working with Groupon was the biggest business mistake she’s ever made. She takes full responsibility for her choices but still outed the company for two policies which may or may not be true.

Deloitte Says Non-Stores Will Rule This Holiday Season

A 2% increase in holiday sales may not sound like much, but with unemployment still running rampant through the US, it’s good news for retailers. Financial consultants Deloitte, are joining those that went before them saying that there will be an increase in spending this year and that much of it will be due to the online sector.

Carl Steidtmann, Deloitte’s chief economist says,

“Should consumers receive good tidings later this season in the way of falling energy prices or additional stock market gains, they may be able to lend retailers a bit more holiday cheer. However, given the unsteady pace of economic recovery, retailers should expect only a small uptick in holiday sales this year.”

Ad.ly Makes Celebrity Endorsements Accessible for All

I’ve gotten used to seeing Kim Kardashian get sloppy with a Carl’s Jr. burger on TV but the idea of Heidi Montag hawking a dogfood delivery service on Facebook perplexes me just a little.

In-Stream ad network Ad.ly has just announced a program where you can get celebrities to update their Facebook with glowing reviews of your product. It’s a service they’ve been providing on Twitter and MySpace for some time but Facebook feels like a much bigger step. With it, a client will now be able to generate a celebrity endorsed campaign on all three social networks — kind of like the Triple Crown of online advertising.