How Old Should Your Social Media Manager Be?

There’s been an onslaught of articles lately proclaiming why you should or should not specifically hire a 23-year old to manage your social media presence. I’ve tried to avoid commenting, but after a recent article about why you should never dream of hiring a younger person to manage your social media accounts, my hand is forced. There is a perfect age for your social media manager. Ready for it?

It’s whatever the birthdate of the person you hire to manage your social media accounts is.

The reality is this whole argument is a non-argument and shameless age baiting on both sides. There’s a reason a resume isn’t a photocopy of a birth certificate. What ultimately determines someone’s ability to manage your social media presence is their ability to manage your social media presence. If the hiring manager is making that decision based on age, your company has bigger problems. This is the specific reason that interviews and resumes exist, people.

The Best Times to Post And Why You May Be Doing It Wrong

Optimized social publishing is an emergent trend of the past year or two that has a lot of hype surrounding it. Essentially, using software of one kind or another, businesses are promised that their updates will be published at the moment they will achieve maximum reach or engagement.

Statistics teaches us that people behave in measurable and predictable patterns when you’ve got enough of them. We should be able to exploit those patterns to achieve optimal results. But what does that look like in practice? There are tons of conflicting recommendations out there and it can get confusing.

There are three basic approaches to social publishing optimization. The first is to gather up a lot of different social profiles and analyze their collective data in a broad study. The second is to take the historical data of one profile and make recommendations based on past interaction. The third is to dynamically publish using algorithmic recommendations.