Yahoo! is Embracing the Semantic Web

By David Snyder

Yahoo took a step towards developing its search technology for the future by announcing the adoption of some key standards of the “semantic web.”

On Yahoo’s company blog, Amit Kumar, director of product management for the company’s search site, said the organization had begun to support key semantic web standards.

In explanation of his thoughts on the semantic web Kumar wrote:

“While there has been remarkable progress made toward understanding the semantics of web content, the benefits of a data web have not reached the mainstream consumer. Without a killer semantic web app for consumers, site owners have been reluctant to support standards like RDF, or even microformats. We believe that app can be web search.”

Google Offers Agencies a Dashboard Approach

By David Snyder

Tim Armstrong, Google’s President, Advertising and Commerce for Google in North America, outlined his companies vision for its role in media purchasing last week.

Speaking at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference in Orlando, Florida, Armstrong explained Google’s plan to develop a media buying “dashboard.”

According to Media Post, Armstrong stated:

“It basically takes a mix of different media types and puts them together,” he said, adding that the system, which is still being developed, was part of a suite of new tools Google is building to make the lives of media buyers “easier.” The new dashboard, he said, would enable buyers to manage mixes of offline media like TV, radio and print campaigns, with their online display and search advertising, and to harness their data streams to show how one platform influences traffic to the others.

LiveDeal Inc., Yahoo Sign Long-Term Search Deal

By David Snyder

LiveDeal Inc., a publicly traded company out of Arizona, announced a long-term sponsored search agreement with Yahoo Inc. today.

The sponsored search results will be delivered to, and will be displayed on LiveDeal’s classifieds and yellow pages.

“Yahoo’s considerable base of high quality local advertisers complements’s combined classified and yellow-page marketplace platform. The result is even more relevant content that helps visitors to find the businesses and services they are looking for,” said LiveDeal CEO Daniel Coury.

LiveDeal Inc. also own,, and It is not clear whether the sponsored results will be used on all of these sites, but it is a safe bet.

Vodafone Sends a Message with Otello Image Search

By David Snyder

While Bill Gates is banking on natural language search, the folks at Vodafone are throwing their hats in the empty ring of image search.

Vodafone demonstrated their search engine, Otello, at Cebit 2008 in Germany. The technology works by sending MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) images via mobile device instead of entering words or phrases.

Otello takes the image, retrieves information having to do with the image, and sends it to the user’s cell phone. Vodafone is hoping that the search engine will catch on with users that do not have normal keyboards on their mobile device.

Let’s clear it up.

This is not an image search in the sense of Google Images, where you enter words and data and find correlating images. In this search technology the pictures are the queries.

“Search Monkey” and the Interest Beneath the Boredom

By David Snyder

Yahoo! unveiled a new project named “search monkey” at the SMX West being held in Santa Clara, California.

The project is a set of open source tools that allow publishers and users alike to enhance search results as they pertain to a particular web site. Basically these tools give publishers a way to refine their search results in Yahoo.

Sound familiar?

If the project does, it is because Google unveiled a similar project in May of 2006 called Google Coop Subscribed Links. Google’s program was not very successful in terms of popularity and use, so the question that begs to be asked is how Yahoo’s project will differ?

MySpace Founder Launches

By David Snyder, which launched February 20th, is the brainchild of Myspace Founder Brad Greenspan, and the first fully interactive, global, live streaming platform. The site allows connectivity 24 hours a day, allowing users to generate content independently or with colleagues and friends. The platform also integrates features such as LiveTextChat, LiveCoHost, and LivePolls to allow unlimited feedback and user engagement.

Among’s features is the ability to create LiveTV shows, video chat, participate in virtual classes, and upload videos up to 200 MB with stereo sound. officially kicked off on the 20th with an interactive interview with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, called “Drive Home with Steve Nash.” Nash fielded questions from fans following the game with the Lakers, a first for an NBA player.