Google Grows in Japan with DoCoMo

Today, Google and NTT DoCoMo announced a partnership to provide “search services, search-related advertisement and potential applications to i-mode™ users”.

DoCoMo claims to serve some 53 million subscribers.

Google’s partnership with DoCoMo covers some very attractive areas for the world’s leading search engine.

(1) Extension of search services on i-mode
In addition to the existing i-mode menu site search service, through the partnership with Google, i-mode users will be served Google search results for mobile and PC web sites via the i-mode portal search-box. Launch of the expanded search services is scheduled in spring 2008. The new search-box will be placed on the top-page of the i-mode portal, increasing the immediate accessibility and convenience of searches on i-mode.

Back Door Arbitrage at Google?

So you want to get into the arbitrage game by serving Google ads on Yahoo?

If so, you have quite a few hurdles to overcome. Google’s quality team is gunning for you, countless advertisers are watching their logs, and just about everyone under the sun is excluding you from their content network campaigns. What’s a gray hat arbitrager to do?

Perhaps the answer is a back door method to arbitrage Google ads.

It seems that, as a partner in Google’s search network, is displaying Google ads through Ask’s contextual advertising program. If this proves to be the case, this would be an under the radar method for arbitragers to run Google ads.

Vertical Viral Video with MC Hammer

After a long and distinguished career as a hip-hop star, preacher, actor, TV show host, MLB bat boy, and spy / shill for the controversial owner of the Oakland A’s Charlie Finley, Stanley Kirk Burrell (aka MC Hammer) can now add one more job to his impressive resume – tech entrepreneur.


DanceJam is a user generated vertical viral video site designed specifically around what else, dancing. Currently in beta mode, you can see short clips of selected videos in a Flash movie on the home page, but you’ll have to give your mouse a rest if you’re anxious to start browsing and viewing such timeless videos like “Rowdy Krumpin”, “Liquid Dance YESSS”, and “Michi Dance”.

Microsoft’s Dirty Santa

Remember when Santa Claus would ask you what you want for Christmas and not ask you to engage in sexually explicit conversations? Well thanks to artificial intelligence and a chat bot from Microsoft that doesn’t have to be the case any more.

The Register reported today that one of their members “Iain” found a misbehaving chat bot using Windows Live Messenger ID “”. During the interchange with “Santa”, Iain’s daughters offered the virtual Santa a piece of pizza using “(pi)” (which in Trillian anyways displays a piece of pizza). This simple offer seemed to get old St. Nick talking about oral sex.

A duplicated conversation by the Register…

El Reg says: pizza (pi)

Santa says: Yum! What do you want for Christmas, El Reg?

10 Reasons You Should be Using Thunderbird

As an Internet marketer, I do a lot of Internet based research every day. Opening and closing applications to get to the content I need can be a huge pain. Luckily, Thunderbird has a whole host of features and add-ons which together provide an all in one interface for reading and organizing email, RSS, web pages, and newsgroups.

1. Open Source Add-ons: Forget waiting around for Microsoft to update Outlook with that killer feature you know would rock. There is a whole community of developers out there doing just that with Thunderbird add-ons. If someone else hasn’t gotten around to developing your ideal feature, you can always do it yourself!

Blocking Ad Blocking

Friends, family, and co-workers alike have all been raving about recent ad blocking plug-ins available for browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Apparently the annoyance of banner ads has grown so cumbersome that the general public is ready to revolt by loading up ad blocking software in order to give themselves a smoother web experience.

I for one, rely on good old fashioned banner blindness when browsing and find ad blocking software just not worth the time. Of course as a web marketer I understand the value of advertising and question the long term viability of wide spread ad blocking.

CNet’s Anne Broache and Declan McCullagh recently posted an article covering the legality of ad blocking software. In their article they discuss copyright issues related to altering content and terms of service issues relating to publishers who specifically disallow the use of ad blocking software when using their service.

Does the Federal Government Hate Search Engines?

Like a page out of a John Grisham novel, the Federal Government is using robots to help stay invisible on the web. Of course I’m not talking about futuristic robots with laser beams for eyes, but rather robots.txt files on various government websites.

A sharp eyed Declan McCullagh of CNet recently posted about several federal government websites using robots.txt files to keep their entire site from being indexed by search engines.

The offenders?

Declan also points out other government sites who are using quirky robots.txt restrictions based on the bots they presumably prefer (example: favoring MSN’s bot over Google).

So the question arises, is this the work of an inexperienced webmaster or part of a broader government conspiracy to hide web content?