End Date End Run at Google

If you’ve ever set up a Google AdWords campaign I’m sure you’ve seen that annoying little requirement to set an end date for your campaign. Previously you could not set the end date any later than December 31, 2010, but thanks to the new “no end date” option provided by Google you can elect to have your ads run indefinitely. If you never selected an end date, December 31, 2010 was assigned by default.

Google’s support page discussing the new option states “Advertisers now have two choices: set a specific end date when their campaign will stop running, or select ‘no end date’ to have their campaign run indefinitely.”

Google Launches Cross-Language Search Engine

Google has launched their long awaited Google Cross-Language Search Engine. The new search tool allows users to enter queries, have those queries automatically translated, see search results in a target language, see a translated version of those results, and then navigate to either the original or machine translated web pages.

Say, for example, you were searching for dog groomers in Paris. It’s unlikely that many dog groomers in Paris would have an English website, so you may go to Google’s cross-language search engine and type in “dog groomers Paris”. Select the “find results in” setting to French and sure enough there are a ton of sites matching that phrase.

Tin Foil Hat Alert: Is Google Indexing Your DNA?

By David Vogelpohl

Google’s well known mission of organizing the world’s information may soon include indexing your DNA blueprint. Google has just invested 3.9 million dollars in 23andMe. According to their website “23andMe is a privately held company developing new ways to help you make sense of your own genetic information”.

This cutesy name refers to the “23 paired volumes of your own genetic blueprint”. The website doesn’t specifically state how they’re going to get your genetic blueprint, but one can assume this is an entirely voluntary process. Of course, you may want to think twice about using any biometric security devices sent to you by Google.

Fooooo’d for Video Search

By David Vogelpohl

Japanese video search engine “Fooooo” has recently launched several multilingual versions of its popular search engine including support for English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

What does Fooooo Do?

Fooooo powers its search engine by indexing videos from all across the web. Search results include links directly to the page hosting the video or a “Quick Start” link which activates a Flash based popup where you can view the video directly. The Quick Start option is available for most videos with the notable exception of MySpace videos.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the results are either YouTube, Google Video, or MySpace videos.

Single Index

Panama to Invade Europe

By David Vogelpohl

Love it or hate it, US advertisers have long ago come to terms with the new Panama ad system at Yahoo. As announced in a May 9th email from Yahoo France, European advertisers will soon be joining their US cousins in using the new system to make ad buys through Yahoo.

Back in March 2007, Andrew Buckman (EU Product Director for Yahoo Search Marketing) announced that Panama would be available in European markets by the end of May 2007.