‘Tis the Season to Return Things

ReturnsAs ecommerce continues to grow it is also experiencing growing pains.

Increased sales are good but all the enticements of free shipping and more also lead to something that most online retailers dread: returns.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on how this is impacting the online industry

Free shipping and lenient return policies have given online retailing a huge boost. Now, chains are mining their order data to get shoppers to keep more purchases.

Behind the uptick in e-commerce is a little known secret: As much as a third of all Internet sales gets returned, according to retail consultancy Kurt Salmon. And the tide of goods flowing back to retailers is rising. Shipper United Parcel Service Inc. expects returns to jump 15% this season from last year, making them a significant and growing cost for retailers.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you all.

Rembrandt Nativity

Rembrandt’s painting of the birth of Christ.

According to Ads, Galaxy Gear Makes Stalking Easy and Effective …. Neat-o!

I like Samsung’s stuff. The messaging in their ads, well, I guess it’s a matter of choice.

Of course, if you find a girl who is impressed with stalking via technology and thinks it’s ‘cool’ then I guess this is the way to go.

What’s your take?

Study: Over Half of Web Traffic is Fraudulent

Not exactly the good tidings of the season that Internet marketers want to hear but if you are surprised by this number then you may not truly understand the Internet.

A recent study from Solve Media puts Q3 web traffic in the US at a 51% fraudulent rate.


This quote from the CEO of Solve sets a pretty high bar for marketers that only those with deep pockets may be able to hit.

“As fraudulent web traffic in the US rises, marketers must defend their hard-fought budgets by investing with publishers that ensure their branding is being seen by actual people who can truly complete purchases,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. “With a verified audience, comes the guarantee that brand marketing will be effective online. As the market size of global display spending swells to $48.2B in 2014*, it’s a clear win for both publishers and advertisers to ensure audiences are human. To that end, we will see a rapid increase in investments made to protect audience integrity, as advertisers demand secure, verified engagements.”

Infographic: Face It, Ads With Faces Get Seen

Want your ad to be seen? Well, according to Sticky you need to put a face on it.

Don’t believe me? Well, infographics never lie, right?


Infographic: Want to Use My Social Influence? Cash Please!

As marketers try to find more ways to reach those in the social sphere they are turning more and more to social influencers. These are the people who have lots of followers and can help those followers make decisions for products simply because they tweet or post about it.


This infographic from Izea courtesy of AdWeek looks at just what these social influencers are doing to make sure their social media efforts end up as revenue.

Facebook a Distant Second to Google in Digital Ad Revenue Share

The eMarketer title to their article talking about the major players in the digital space reads “Mobile Growth Pushes Facebook to Become No. 2 US Digital Ad Seller”.

Now to read that headline one might think that there might be some competition to Google, much like those pesky claims that Bingahoo is making strides agains the Goog in search.

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words that would be about 994 too many describe the reality of the ‘competition’. All one needs to say “It’s Google by a country mile”.

US Digital Ad Revenue Share

While there is a prediction of the gap being closed a little but by 2015 it’s still not even a contest. The same can be said for the precious mobile market. Google still has the lead by a wide margin.