Conde Nast Ad Pages Plummet but Not All Doom and Gloom for Magazines

Magazine rackNot to ‘dog pile’ on an industry and a company, in particular, that is obviously struggling, it is important to keep track of where traditional media buys (newspapers, magazines, TV etc) are heading. It’s important to see where the balance may occur between online and traditional as well as a barometer on the economic environment we all are living with but seemingly saying less about these days.

Conde Nast has already cut four titles this year which sent a shiver down the spine of the magazine industry as a whole. Now, as the company reports on its 2009 ad page sales it becomes obvious why that kind of move may have been the only choice. The New York Times reports

Online Ads Attached to Video Working Well

Video AdsThis is one of those subjects that I can say that my personal experience actually mirrors what the rest of the market is apparently seeing. Oftentimes that’s not the case since I can be somewhat of a contrarian in my views and habits. Apparently much of initial push back against ads attached to video, in particular pre-roll, is starting to give way to some level of acceptance. While I am still not thrilled with it, I do tolerate it much more these days especially when an advertiser actually gets that 10-15 seconds is not nearly as annoying as 30 seconds.

The NY Times reports that news sites are finding more and more success with their online video offerings as ways to increase ad revenue. The impact is even being felt beyond the delivery of news.

Retweets Will Never Be the Same …. Unless You Want Them To Be

RetweetYesterday, Twitter started to officially roll out its own retweet function that has been the cause of some serious consternation from the Twittersphere (or whatever silly term you want to apply to the Twitter community).

Before we go into any detail please note the following and make sure you filter your reactions through the most important piece of data that you will need to know about this whole thing: you don’t have to use the new function. You can do whatever you want with regard to keeping your version of the status quo or adopting Twitter’s new retweet function. Also, this is not the final product as Evan Williams points out in his explanation of this overly controversial move by Twitter.

‘Tis the Season for Free Wifi

WifiFree wifi seems to be the new black as of late when it comes to Internet companies promoting their offerings. As you may or may not know, I am a disgruntled Blackberry Storm user who went with an iTouch so I could at least be in the same room as the cool kids but if there’s no Wifi there’s no go. Well, depending on where I may roam and when I am out and about I may have more connectivity then I am accustomed to thanks to a rush of folks thinking it would be cool if there were “Wifi for all” during the holiday season. Hmmmm, I wonder if they have ulterior motives other than just being nice……

Here’s a list of who’s doing what and where.

Google’s Caffeine Gets a Data Center Roll Out

Google CaffeineSince August Google has been experimenting with and testing its new Caffeine project for improving the indexing ability of the search giant. As Andy reported in August, there is a real shift to moving toward real time (read social media) results in this new environment. Andy’s concern at the time is that Twitter and other social media offerings may hold too much sway in the new result sets. Well, according to Mashable, Google is feeling comfortable enough with the new environment to put it in at least one data center for some road testing.

Since the launch of the developer preview however, we haven’t heard much about it. It’s quietly been undergoing testing and tweaking. That’s all changing though, as now the developer preview of Google Caffeine has been taken down, replaced with an announcement that Google Caffeine will go live in its first datacenter soon.

Are Social Media Users Just Technologically Advanced Coupon Clippers?

Brand LoveOk, let’s get everything out on the table before we really get going here. Social media helps brand build a following of people who believe in the brand. It creates little armies of brand zealots that do all the promotion for you on a grassroots level. It is the next level of the evolution of the online commerce experience because Internet users are so savvy that they will understand that to experience a brand is to live the brand is to make the Earth safe for the rest of us mere mortals! Oooops. Sorry. I got a little caught up in the hype of social media.

Now for the reality check? Social media users like deals. Sure they may ‘engage’ with a brand a little more but they are really just looking for a deal. A coupon. A discount. Not brand nirvana.

Twitter and Some Brands Not Getting Along

Twitter iconIf you were the folks at Twitter and you are talking about offering commercial level services that are going to eventually generate the mythical revenue that everyone is yapping about wouldn’t hate to hear about enterprise unrest among the ranks? The issue of Twitter account squatting is nothing new. There has also been little mention of it in the news as of late. I actually made the mistake to think that maybe Twitter took control and really started to crack down on the practice.