Google Apps: You Can Run but ….

google angel haloEver get the feeling that as Google announces more and more services for more and more people at more and more spots on the globe that there is less and less room to go without a primary colored logo looking over you?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am feeding this animal as much as the next guy because I use a lot of Google’s services. Most of them perform just as advertised and they do allow virtually anyone from the single person shop to the multi-national conglomerate some form of relief from some traditional IT and Internet headaches. It’s just getting a little creepy when I sit back and think about how Google uses their blog to announce things in an almost casual fashion that most companies would be firing off press releases left and right about. An example:

Google’s Revolving Talent Door Spins in Europe

Google EuropeWe have spoken before of the task that Google is faced with on a daily basis. While the company attracts the best and the brightest help it’s not as easy to keep them around as you might think. The trouble with having a lot of ‘talent’ are the egos that can be attached to that particular set of people. So once they climb on board The Goog the assimilation process may not take hold with everyone. As a result, they often look for greener pastures elsewhere while giving Google top spot on their resume. It can’t hurt, right?

TechCrunch tells the story today of another C level exit this time on the European front

European Directories has announced a big win this morning with the appointment of Ben Legg as Chief Operating Officer.

Android Set for Search and Destroy in Mobile Market

Android LogoNow this is the kind of news I need to hear! Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Googler, has told folks during the third quarter earnings call yesterday that Android is set to further the world domination plan that Founding Father’s Sergey and Larry set in place back in the year 1 AG (After Google) which is the year 1998 AD (for those who need to know the conversion).

Why am I excited? Well, it’s because I am not an AT&T customer and won’t be for the foreseeable future. So what? Then that means I won’t have an iPhone to replace my red-headed stepchild, 15th cousin twice removed, black sheep of the touch screen smart phone family BlackBerry Storm. As a pure stop-gap measure to being included in Apple’s app-mania I have purchased a new iPod Touch. Are you following here?

SMB’s, Social Media and Reality

i2G LogoI have followed the SMB market for a little while now. I am considered an SMB myself and I certainly was when I had a small Internet marketing agency / practice as recently as a year ago. As a result, I know the small and medium business market pretty well. I find the typical small business owner / marketer equal parts fascinating and frustrating and a puzzle that seems to want to be solved but never likes to give you all of the pieces to solve it. That is why I see surveys that claim 45% of SMB’s are using social media with a slightly skeptical eye.

Twitter at C Level

Kent HuffmanAs Internet marketers and social media users / practitioners we are always digging and trying to find out more. Since most of what is related to social media is happening on the fly the innovation comes more often from good intention rather than good planning. One common theme that occurs, however, is the apparent lack of understanding of social media and its business impact in the upper levels of most companies.

In particular, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) gets the brunt of the complaints of “They don’t get social media!” or “They are afraid of what they don’t know!” This is true in a lot of cases. That is changing, though, with the help of people like Kent Huffman, CMO of BearCom Wireless. Haven’t heard of BearCom? You’re not alone but that is changing through Kent’s efforts on Twitter and his campaign to bring the CMO to the social media discussion before his / her average 23 month tenure expires.

Social Media Blunder or Brilliance?

Poopsi Wacky PackageIn the latest round of social media’s own “You make the call!” game regarding a social media campaign’s failure or genius enter Pepsi and its Amp Energy brand. There appears to be some buzz in social media circles about an iPhone app that Pepsi developed for the drink that is being called crass by some and ‘just entertainment’ by others. So you know, I could care less either way, I just think it makes for an interesting ‘live’ case study about social media and how it can be viewed, and as a result, manipulated.

Twitter and Spam Look to Part Ways

Twitter iconDo you hate spam? Do you hate Twitter spam in particular? Had it with spam? Well, Twitter feels your pain. I get almost teary eyed thinking about their concern for our well being in the Twitterverse. Here’s their blog post to let you know they are thinking of you.

Folks can now help us conquer spam by calling our attention to a profile they find questionable. Click the “Report as spam” button under the Actions section of a profile’s sidebar and our Trust and Safety team will check it out to see what needs to be done. No automated action will be taken as a result of reporting a user as spam (in other words, it can’t be used to incite an angry mob against an account you don’t like.) And once you report a profile it will automatically be blocked from following or replying to you. You nailed it!