Twitter Name Auction Raising Money for Cancer Fight

Small JPEG Aviary mashable-com Picture 1Let’s for just one moment concentrate on something that while connected to social media is about something much bigger. Hopefully we are able to do that without being prompted but for today we’ll give you just a little push ;-). Mashable tells us that over the weekend, Drew Olanoff, who is fighting Hodgkins lymphoma, is using a piece of social media ‘capital’ to raise money in the fight against cancer.

As Drew put it himself at his blog

I have a pretty cool Twitter name – one that I got early early on. I love Twitter. Twitter the company, and the platform have been very good to me and to people I care about deeply.


Facebook Making It Easier to Manage Ads

Facebook IconI have to give the folks at Facebook credit. They keep grinding forward with news that is relevant to making money and providing a better service for marketers. Earlier this year everyone wanted to throw the whole Facebook thing in the center of the ring and stone it to death. They couldn’t do anything right ranging from redesign issues to terms of service debacles. Now Justin Smith of Inside Facebook is reporting that a new API for the Facebook ad platform is being rolled out to a few agencies and could be out in the general Facebook population very soon.

Earlier this year, we speculated on when Facebook would launch APIs for Facebook Ads to allow performance marketers to automate ad management. Well, it appears it’s happening now: recently, Facebook started beta testing its new advertising APIs with just a few agencies around the world.

Revenue?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Revenue!

twitter-logoWhile it isn’t news that Twitter has no revenue model what is interesting to note is near yawn that the prospect of not having can draw from one of the founding fathers of the Twitterverse.

The New York Times reports that Evan Williams, who doesn’t get the pub that a guy with a cool name like Biz Stone does was speaking to a group of journalists in San Francisco today. You know those folks right? They’re the ones that if they are lucky enough to work for the Washington Post can’t even use Twitter without facing 20 lashes.

The following quote from Williams’ talk Online News Association’s annual conference tells us quite a bit.

Will “Bing Losing Sting” Have a Familiar Ring?

Google CrownI can’t decide if this is newsworthy or just our buddies over at StatCounter trying to get a little pub for themselves. Back in July they were reporting the June search engine numbers on the 2nd when every other reporting agency (Nielsen, comScore and HitWise) waited for their numbers to come in.

Now the Dublin based information provider is hitting the news with news that bing has suffered a greater than one percent drop in market share for the month of September. Even with that news a more revealing number could be the near 3 percentage points better that bing was in September of ’09 v. MSN Search and Live Search in September of ’08. eWeek reports

Lawsuit Over Facebook Gets Hand Tossed at Pizza Maker

PizzaI am a big fan of pizza. Maybe it’s my New York / New Jersey roots but there’s nothing like a really well done pizza with (insert favorite topping(s) here) sitting in front of a ballgame of some sort. You get the picture right?

Well, since pizza is a borderline spiritual occurrence for me it pains me to see a purveyor of pizza pie being thrown into the middle of a thin crusted legal battle. It appears as if there was something cheesy going on in Knoxville, TN as of late around the Facebook and Twitter rants of the owner of the Pizza Kitchen, Travis Redmon.

UK Internet Ad Spend Tops TV for the First Time

TPop the Corkhe headline is pretty spectacular, to be sure, if you are in the Internet marketing biz. The UK has become the first major world economy to report that online ad spending has topped that of television. The IAB put together numbers as reported by The Guardian that attests to the true coming of age of the Internet space as an advertising channel. Or does it?

Apparently, while there is a rush to make this announcement it is one of those situations that requires peeling back the onion a little bit more to see what may really be happening. Here’s a bit of background first

Do You Actually Watch 157 Videos Per Month?

Too Much Computer TimeThis week comScore has released the latest numbers regarding video viewed online and I am still scratching my head. According to the findings (remember class, repeat after me – “It’s research and research ain’t perfect”) in August of 2009 there were just over 25 billion videos viewed by the approximately 161 million US Internet users. That works out to be an average of 157 videos viewed per user during that time period. Google sites alone accounted for over 10 billion of those videos with 99% of that number coming from YouTube. This number eclipses the previous month’s results and I am wondering if this economy is a main contributor to this amount of ‘free time’.