Google Displays More Power

google-logo1Continuing to make sure that everyone knows that whatever Google does in the online world is for the greater good, the company has announced its DoubleClick Ad Exchange on the Official Google Blog. Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management posts the explanation of how Google is going to make the online advertising world better for everyone (how neighborly of them ;-)) and in the process continue to make the world a better place to live and do business.

The post gives a significant run-up to the overview of the new service. By likening the current display ad inventory situation to having planes flying with a lot of empty seats (I used to love that! I’ll take those three seats for sprawl any day) Mohan makes sure we know that the space is crying for a service like the Double Click Ad Exchange. Here’s the gist of it

Shiny Future for Chrome?

chrome-logoFor all of the talk of social media, software as a service (SaaS) and the future of the Internet one of the most important components for delivery is that workhorse of the whole deal; the browser. Right now, Internet Explorer is the market leader with Firefox a solid second. While Safari will always be limited to the Mac-iverse the introduction of Chrome version 3 for the PC reminds us that Google needs to be a part of this mix as well. Hey, it wouldn’t be the Internet unless Google was involved, right?

TechCrunch reports that there is more to the picture though as revealed in an interview by Reuters like Mac users finally getting their chance to see their reflection in the Chrome world.

A Billion Reasons for Twitter to be Happy

twitter-logoSo it looks like Twitter has entered some rarefied air for sure. According to ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch the micro-blogging juggernaut is moving into an exclusive club by securing a new round of funding ($50 million) based on a valuation of $1 billion (yup, it’s a b). No doubt, this will begin to stir the supporters and detractors alike. Unless we have ridiculously short memories or just think that this time will be different one has to wonder how a company that no one can figure out revenue wise can be valued at that much.

While I am not an analyst I did think about staying at a Holiday Inn Express over the past year so I qualify for jumping into the fray, right? Let’s hear what the RWW folks had to say first though.

Another Media Giant Says Paid Content on the Way

Diller 2Remember not so long ago when Rupert Murdoch was espousing the future of paid content? It is unavoidable was the cry but there has been not much said since. That is, until Barry Diller stated his version of the story at the Goldman Communacopia conference as reported by the Business Insider. Diller has never been one to pull punches so his assessment of the situation comes as no surprise.

He says “people will pay for things” on the Web and anyone that’s worried about upsetting the Internet community is a fool.

If you look back just eight years, says Diller, you’d see everyone writing off the music business as dead and gone, since all music was going to be free, illegal downloads. Now there’s iTunes a good business with smart pricing, and billions in revenue.

eBay’s Skype Deal in Peril

skype-logoJust when eBay thought they had moved Skype, the Wall Street Journal tells us “Not so fast!” A copyright suit has been filed in Northern California by the founders of Skype over the use of a technology by Skype. The license to continue its use ended in March and since then the founders of Skype and the flounders that bought it have been duking it out in a the UK which has already cast doubt on the deal. The added US suit really puts the Skype deal in jeopardy.

The suit, filed Wednesday in the Northern California U.S. District Court, extends the drama behind eBay’s tumultuous relationship with Skype.

Adobe’s Analysis of Omniture: Pass the Cigars, It’s a Buy!

AdobeAdobe is now moving into another area of the Internet space with its purchase of web analytics company Omniture. Adobe’s suite of products is well known but has been losing its traction over the recent past. In the Internet world, Adobe is probably best known for it’s anti-search product Flash that has been a favorite of web designers and the bane of the SEO’s existence for quite some time.

CNN Money tells us that analysts weren’t too thrilled with this deal

Trip Chowdhry, managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, agreed that the acquisition is a “smart move” on Adobe’s part because it may help offset declining revenues from the company’s Creative Suite of software. However, he believes Adobe overpaid for Omniture because the company is losing market share to rival Google Analytics.

Let My Data Go!

DL JPEGHave you ever experienced a time where you had some important data stored in a SaaS (software as a service) application like e-mail or CRM and you wanted your data out of the application? Sounds simple enough, right? After all it is your data? Often times this turns into a process / project that makes little sense to the end user who is indignant that they can’t easily get their own data. The provider, however, has every reason to either make the process difficult or just stall because it gives them time to make a ‘save’.