Social Networks on Media Buyer’s List for 2010

Social Networking CollageLet’s try something new here in the world of Internet marketing. Rather than rushing off and pronouncing next year as the year of (place latest over-hyped trend here) let’s enjoy the real beginnings of social media and networks. If you’re asking “What do you mean, that’s old news!” then you are one of the sheep who likes to follow the flock that is looking for “What’s next?” rather than staying in the “What’s about to really work?” reality of business. Introduces ‘Search for the Cure’

ask logoWhat’s a great way for a search engine that struggles to be mentioned with the top search providers in the marketplace to get some traffic? Do something for someone else. That’s exactly what is doing with its ‘Search or the Cure’ campaign which is designed to raise one million dollars to Susan G. Komen for the Cure group who raises money for breast cancer research.

From the pure humanity side this is a pretty cool idea. It allows people to simply take an action to contribute rather than asking them for money. Of course, there are opportunities to donate but it’s a fundraising organization after all and the cause is something that everyone can get behind. In this case, asking for a donation seems very appropriate.

Job Seekers and Social Media: Not So Perfect Together

Capt Kirk in TroubleYou hear the stories all the time. The human resources manager decides to do a little ORR (online reputation research) on a job candidate. They hear that they is a great candidate for a job opening. They are the best interview by far and the scuttlebutt in the office is that they are the person for the job. The HR folks then do some basic Google searches and they uncover some other data about the “candidate”. What’s this Flickr page with pictures of the candidate passed out in the bushes after a night of “entertaining”? What about some tweets that the candidate fired off to sound cool but forgot that they were creating their own online resume? Then the candidate doesn’t understand why they didn’t get the job. The candidate now has to go back to the drawing board.

Is Bing 2.0 in the Chute?

bing-logo-2-jApparently, Twitter is making waves with Microsoft in ways that you may not consider. Yesterday Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet reported about some of the tweets coming from the annual Microsoft product demo event (and pep rally – her terminology) held at Safeco Field in Seattle. About 20,000 folks attended and were leaking some info (not much but some) about the possibility of Bing 2.0 as early as this fall. Oh boy, I can’t wait!

Foley says

Based on a handful of Tweets I’ve seen so far, meeting attendees (including those who are watching remotely) have seen a demo of Bing 2.0. At least one Tweeter claimed the new update of Bing is going to be rolled out the week of September 14.

Facebook Lite Lights Up in US and India

facebook-logoBack in August we told you of the premature introduction of Facebook Lite. Many people speculated about what this could mean for the social media world and Facebook tried to calm everyone’s nerves by deflecting all the fuss and launching the beta version just a few days later.

Well, now it’s official. Facebook Lite is here (for real, honest). Over at Inside Facebook we learn that

Facebook has just launched a new version of the site, called Lite, to give users a simplified, faster-loading experience than the traditional The company says it’s intended to help new users, especially people with with poor internet connections, have a better experience than they have been so far when they have joined. The app is only live in the US and India, according to Facebook developer Blake Ross, but a worldwide rollout doesn’t seem too far away.

CMO Summit Thoughts

Small cmosummitportalbanner080309For the past day and a half I have been able to listen to some of the leaders in the world of marketing discuss the trials and tribulations of marketing’s corner office dwellers: CMO’s. As I discussed yesterday there are plenty of specifics from these marketing leaders and I will likely be talking about some of the details in the near future.

CMO Summit Outlines Challenges and Opportunities

CMO ExpectationsOver the next day or so I will be giving you some information that I have been gathering while at the CMO Summit in San Francisco. The even is put on by the Aberdeen Group and thus far has been incredibly informative. I write that with a bit of surprise because unfortunately events often sound so interesting in the promotion but fizzle in the execution. Not thus far with this event. Here’s a quick recap of the first day.

Mike Linton, former CMO of eBay and Best Buy, Columnist for Forbes

As you might expect from someone who has this kind of experience there was plenty to discuss on the topic of ‘CMO Calculus: Balancing Innovation and Results’. My head was actually spinning after this one. Like most of the information that you get at these shows it’s not really a surprise because most of it makes sense when you hear it. What is interesting , however, is the sheer volume of things to consider.