Internet Radio Trying to Carve Out a Future

Radio TowerWhile we talk about the death of newspapers with great regularity it gets to be old news real quickly and even starts to feel a little mean. So to relieve that pressure eMarketer has come out with a report that is evidence of the decline and fall of another old friend, radio. Terresttrial radio is what we are talking about here. Good old fashioned over the airwaves kind of radio is heading in the same direction as newspapers which is sad but just another harsh reality of the shift in the media of the future. eMarketer tells us

The message coming from the radio industry is clear: Terrestrial radio is in trouble financially and things will get worse before they get any better. Many of the country’s largest national broadcasters are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) announced that Q1 2009 was the industry’s worst quarter ever in terms of ad spending.

Philly Papers in Peril

Philly newspapersWith a slow start to the week regarding Internet news one can unfortunately almost always find a story about more newspapers having more difficulty. In Philadelphia, one of the largest markets in the country that no one seems to talk about not just one but both local papers are facing Sept. 15 deadlines that could determine their futures.

Usually in a city that can support two papers (which are not that many these days) it’s one or the other that is struggling. Here both of the local news phixtures (get it?) The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News are close to being handed over to creditors unless Brian Tierney can pull a financial rabbit out of his hat. The Wall Street Journal reports

AOL Still Lurking About and Hiring Big Names

AOL logoAOL has made some waves this year that have mostly centered on the people that are coming on board rather than services that will turn the companies fortunes to the plus side. Tim Armstrong has come over from Google and injected a sense of purpose and urgency (one would guess) as the unit of Time Warner speeds towards its spin off which occur later this year.

As further evidence that Armstrong is trying to get the right people on the bus he has hired Brad Garlinghouse to head up the Internet and Mobile Communications operations of AOL’s business. According to Om Malik of GigaOm, Garlinghouse will have some pretty serious responsibilities especially when one considers that this is the once might AOL being talked about here.

Verdict is In……Twitter and Fox Went Past the Fringe

Twitter iconEarlier this week we told you of Fox and Twitter teaming up to create some buzz about repeats of the shows Fringe and Glee. Well, hopefully there is no such thing as bad press because the comments we received about the experiment were unanimous: FAIL! Check out our impassioned reader feedback.

Ginger Says:

September 3rd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

When I watch television I’d like to see the program, concentrate on the program, and not be inundated with superfluous trivia such as the content of the Twitter being shown on Fringe. This format does not allow the viewer to see the movie. I simply decided to change the channel, as did most of my friends.

Debbie Says:

September 4th, 2009 at 12:20 am

Gmail is Down! (With the Latest Themes, That Is)

Gmail had a rough week with its downtime. We talked about that already and here at Marketing Pilgrim, at least, have decided to forgive them – just this once! Maybe as a make good to all of you still steamed about the failure of Google to be perfect you can take comfort in the new themes that have been released for Gmail!

As we ease into a much needed three-day weekend (speaking strictly for myself here but I suspect others can relate) let’s take a look at the pretty new scenes you can look at if your Gmail happens to be working. Just go to settings in your Gmail account to use these and other themes and if you get bored easily set it to Random and Google will make more decisions for you! Thanks to Mashable for the heads up!

Google’s Schmidt Gives Search Insight

Chip in brainOver at TechCrunch Michael Arrington has been doling out portions of his interview with Google’s Grand High Pubah (that’s code for CEO) Eric Schmidt. It’s interesting to see what one of the more influential people in the space (and in business overall) sees for the future of the industry / service. There is even some evidence that the folks at Google get some chuckles internally discussing mind control and connecting directly into brains for the real “intent of search”. Man, they sure know how to ’yuck it up’ out in Mountain View, don’t they?!

On a more serious note Schmidt talks about where search is now and what the next 10 years may hold

Twitter Hires More Exec Firepower

Twitter Bird GoofyTwitter is really trying to become the company that everyone has it pegged to be, or at least it seems that way by their hiring tactics as of late. While the media daily predicts the emergence / unfettered growth / imminent doom of the micro-blogging service daily (are you sick of it yet?) Twitter goes about its merry way showing signs of brilliance (rapid growth) and signs of “WTF?!” (outages).

The latest attempt to move to the next level, according to TechCrunch, is the hiring of Feedburner co-founder and CEO Dick Costolo as the new COO of Twitter. Costolo left Google in July after spending enough time with Feedburner’s new owners to watch them drop the ball. What makes this hire significant (aside from Costolo being an early investor in Twitter) according to TC’s Michael Arrington is