NBC Goes Mobile With Investment

NBC LogoNBC understands that the future of television may have less to do with TV’s. As a result, the company has made a move into the mobile ad space by investing in the mobile ad network Greystripe. The funding is said to have been made to assist the sales team headquartered in New York in selling more ads across the 1,000 mobile apps and games on over 1,400 devices that Greystripe can provide.

Gigaom reports

Greystripe, a mobile advertising network that distributes ad-supported games and applications, said it secured $2 million in funding from the Peacock Equity Fund, a joint venture fund co-founded by GE and its NBC Universal unit, ending a Series C funding round. The funding and a new strategic partnership with NBC Universal give Greystripe an edge in the hyper-competitive mobile ad world.

NFL (No Fun League) Policies Around Social Media Expand

OchocincoWhile it’s probably not fair to attach the “No Fun League” tag to the NFL in this instance it certainly makes for a better headline, so there. The league, which earlier this year linked itself to the US Marine Corps and others by limiting social media use by its ‘employees’ has expanded those terms before the start of the regular season. With the start of the regular season a little over a week away the premier US sports league has decided to at least say that it wants to exercise more control over how the game and its image is portrayed in the new world of social media interaction.

cnet reports

On Monday, the league announced that it had modified its social-media policy to limit Twitter and social-networking use by players, coaches, league officials, and even the media.

Google Calls Gmail Outage a “Big Deal”

gmail beta no moreMany of the readers of Marketing Pilgrim likely had a rough 100 or so minutes yesterday when Google’s popular Gmail application crashed and went dark via the web. Watching the Twitter stream of panic and rage caught in 140 character snapshots was amusing for a while but when everyone tries to ‘out Tweet’ the next guy with some witty musing on the event it gets real old real quick. As I sat and pondered life without Gmail for a while I was wondering if someone in Mountain View wasn’t lamenting the removal of the beta tag from the service earlier this year.

In looking for an explanation, it’s best to turn to the source. The old adage is that “It’s not that you have a problem but rather how you handle it that is most important.”, applies here in a way that Google would like to not repeat. Here’s some official words from the official Gmail blog

Global Search Numbers: That’s A Lot of Zeros

Search generalAccording to comScore the number of global searches in July of 2009 topped 100,000,000,000 (that’s 100 billion for the calculator crowd). The actual number is around 113,000,000,000 (ok, that’s 113 billion), which represents a hefty 415 increase over July searches from 2008. Considering that the US was in the middle of a pretty serious political battle last year which tends to ‘goose’ any Internet numbers a bit, that is pretty impressive. I guess having an economic meltdown and a healthcare reform fiasco can add to the desire for more information as well so screw that theory and let’s move on.

So let’s look at the numbers

comScore 7-09 Results JPEG Smaller

Skype Being Sold by eBay

skype-logoThe New York Times is reporting that eBay has a deal to sell Skype thus ending a rather tragic acquisition saga that began in 2005 when eBay ‘won’ in their fight with Google and Yahoo to buy the Internet phone service. Since that time the original deal which was for $3.1 billion has resulted in a $900 million write-down by eBay and more than its share of problems including a lawsuit in a British court over a core peer to peer technology with Skype founders.

So who are the new owners?

Twitter and Fox on the Fringe

FringeNot sure what you should do with Twitter? Are you hearing that it’s the most important breakthrough since breathing but not sure how to take advantage of it? Well, you may need to stop listening to everyone and think a bit outside the box like Fox is doing to inject some new life into a re-run of the edgy TV show, Fringe. Of course, this type of show is probably a perfect place to run this kind of experiment. PC World writes about the TV and Twitter convergence.

Fox has come up with a new way to get viewers hooked into watching repeats of two episodes of the TV show Fringe. On Thursday at 9 p.m., the penultimate episode of Fringe will be accompanied by Twitter commentary from two of the show’s cast and producers.

Twitter Conferences Are In

Twitter iconAs part of the Internet marketing industry have you done the conference circuit? Have you been to SES, SMX (put cardinal direction here), Adtech, PubCon etc, etc? On a yearly basis how many of these trips can you justify or get away with? Well, with shrinking budgets everywhere now you have to add the new spate of Twitter conferences to your hit list of things you absolutely have to do to get out of the office learn more about the industry.

TechCrunch tells us of the growing list of conferences that are starting to sprout up as a result of the use of (or confusion around the use of) Twitter for business purposes.