Boy, We Watch a Boat Load of Video

VideoOf course everyone knows that Americans watch a lot of video. Why not, right? We spend a lot of time online and we like to make excuses to not exercise. It’s the perfect storm for YouTube and Hulu and the rest of the video distribution sites of the world. It is somewhat amazing though to see the numbers attached to it, though. comScore reports, in fact, that in July US Internet users watched a staggering 21.4 billion videos. That’s a new record, by the way. I feel like Frank Barone from the Everybody Loves Raymond show because all I can say to that is – “Holy crap!”

Wireless Industry Target of FCC Probe

GovernmentImagine this. You are in the wireless industry and you are on the verge of actually fulfilling all of the prophecies about your industry being the future of the Internet and communications in general. The smart phone is now becoming more the norm and the introduction of the iPhone has moved the growth along at an ever accelerating rate of speed. It looks like finally everything is falling into place. So could possibly slow you down now? Take one guess ….. that’s right …. the government.

Ah yes. What would a day in business be these days without the long arm of the government making sure that everyone plays by their rules rather than the rules that might stimulate a recovery? MediaPost tells us that the FCC has decided that the wireless industry needs to be looked into because, well, here’s their reasons.

Google to Offer Mortgage Quotes

MortgageMaybe this is the sign that we all needed to really feel that the momentum in the economy has shifted? According to a suit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina Google may be entering the mortgage quoting business. While Google itself is not part of the suit, it gets prominent mention according to the New York Times.

It appears that LendingTree, a leading online mortgage quote provider, has taken umbrage with the company, Mortech, that provides some of the power behind LendingTree’s service. As a result, Google gets to play as well.

Google and Loch Ness ……. Perfect Together

We are winding down summer and it appears as if all of the newsmakers have gone on holiday or vacation or whatever you call it in your part of the world. So in order to keep you informed of the most important developments we have scoured the globe and found that Google Earth may unearthed one of the greatest legends of all time. The Loch Ness Monster! That’s right, Nessie!

C’mon. You know she’s real. She’s just very elusive. Fortunately, there is virtually nothing that escapes the eyes of Google. Check her out!

Nessie Smaller

So what other mysteries can we turn to Google to solve? The origin of the universe? Time travel? How to open most small pieces of electronics packaged in those awful plastic things that cause harm to innocent consumers? What do you need from Google today? Ask and you shall receive ………

What Do the Big Names Read? Google Will Tell You

google-2Ever wonder what exactly some of the biggest names in most anything read? Are they looking somewhere that we are not and that’s how they got big? While you may not have thought about it, now that you are thinking along those lines it might interesting to see just what these folks do keep up with, right?. Google Reader has added to its Power Reader offering so you can do just that. Google reached out to some ‘important’ folks to get a window into how they keep up to date. In the Official Google blog we learn that

The Hunt for Teens Who Tweet (or not)

T Bird Looking at YouWhile the subject is often debated, there is mounting evidence that the Internet community’s desire to pin the label of ‘early adopter’ for new technology advances on the youngest users may be misguided. Earlier this month we asked the question as to whether teens use Twitter and it looks like the answer is, for the most part, not so much.

The New York Times examines this area in more detail as it becomes more an more apparent that many of the users of social media skew much older. While this has been suspected for a while now there needs to be more unearthing of this phenomenon before it can be declared reality.

Yahoo of Arabia

yahoo-logoWell, no one can accuse Yahoo of sitting back and waiting for the Microhoo deal to get underway. Instead the soon to be social media destination (or is it already, I can’t tell) is increasing its reach and social media footprint into the Arabic world with the purchase of Arabic social media site Maktoob.

You’ve never heard of Maktoob? Unless you are part of the Arabic world it is not likely that you would have. In fact, most in the region admit that this entire area is still in its infancy with regard to the level of Internet penetration.  The Maktoob business site tells us

Yahoo! has agreed to acquire, the Arab world’s largest online community, marking the first major investment by a U.S. technology company in a region where internet penetration is still in its infancy.