MySpace Likes iLike Enough to Buy It

MySpace logoIt was announced today, confirming rumors, that MySpace will be acquiring iLike for an undisclosed amount. MySpace’s press release makes everyone out to be giddy about the acquisition which is what one might expect. According to cnet though there was some underlying suspicion that iLike was purchased on the cheap.

No terms of the deal were disclosed, but reports have indicated that iLike was sold at quite a bargain–something in the neighborhood of $20 million total–because its ad-supported, streaming music model failed to rake in the profits that investors hoped it would.

OK, so struggling social networking entity, MySpace, buys supposedly struggling social music discovery service. A marriage made in mediocrity? cnet goes on to say that MySpace itself is having trouble in the space where it is supposedly concentrating.

Microsoft and Advance Internet Team Up

microsoftMicrosoft is certainly determined to at least make life a little less sunny for their buddies in Mountain View (that’s Google). Of course, we are all familiar with the badda bing! impact of Microsoft’s re-entry into the search game. That was followed up by the successful unification of two of the search engine world’s biggest ‘threats’ to Google’s search supremacy. So what could be next?

While not as dramatic or even impactful as the first two events the announcement that Advance Internet has decided to go with Microsoft by running its Content Advertising links on its sites rather than stay with Google’s AdSense program. ClickZ tells us a bit more

“Google now has been replaced with the Microsoft product,” Advance Internet President Peter Weinberger told ClickZ News. The company began running AdSense ads in early 2008.

Gmail Now Third Largest Email Service in US

gmail beta no moreGmail is officially out of beta and it’s enjoying being all grown up, thank you very much. Maybe it just needed to have its training wheels taken off so it could really get moving but we all know that the beta label was just that; a label. Since its introduction over 6 years ago Gmail has been growing steadily and as TechCrunch reports it has moved past AOL’s email service to be the third largest email service in the US.

comScore has given this title to Gmail based on unique visitors to the service and it has just passed the AOL service with 37 million unique visitors in July while AOL had 36.4 million visitors. As if AOL doesn’t already have enough trouble with just being AOL this kind of news is not what they need to hear. It doesn’t appear as if this is going to be a close race either since the two services are headed in very different directions.

Apps – solutely: Downloads to Triple for Smartphones by 2014

Crystal BallBreak out the Friday Crystal Ball as we take a look into the future of the mobile world. We are traveling across time and space and we see smartphones, boatloads of smartphones (Carol Bartz rocks!), and the number of apps that are downloaded look like they have grown by three times the amount of today’s numbers. Ok, so come on back to the present and find that because the number of apps downloaded in the future are triple of that today then the folks at Frost & Sullivan as reported by the Internet News were right with their predictions. Nice work!

Is Google a Habit or the Best Search Option?

google-logo1I just got back from the SES San Jose show. Good show. It was interesting to see the search world’s “Murderer’s Row” (relax …. it’s a reference to the 1927 New York Yankees batting lineup and not something offensive …. relax) consisting of Google, bing and Yahoo all lined up in the front row of the exhibit hall. Interesting, of course, because you have to wonder what the messages will sound like once the Microhoo co-joining finalizes sometime in the distant future. For now it’s a lot of talk of business as usual etc. etc.

Microsoft / Yahoo Union Not Likely to Raise Real EC Concerns

MicrohooIn a change of pace regarding the EC (European Commission) and their view of competition the early returns are that the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft will not be given a difficult time gaining approval. While the EC has been a stumbling block to other deals including both companies in the past (Yahoo’s previous issue was when there was the propsect of a Google / Yahoo partnership – having Google attached to any competitive issue makes it more interesting for sure). This particular situation doesn’t seem to pose problems although that position has not been officially stated by the EC itself. ClickZ reports

Facebook Lite Gets Premature Introduction

Facebook IconDepending on who you listen to the Facebook Lite offering that was inadvertently sent to many Facebook users is everything from a direct frontal assault on Twitter to a speed enhancer. Since this product was not even supposed to be released as it was it may not really matter what it really is because it’s not really ready to even ‘be’ quite yet. Two takes came from Mashable and TechCrunch and they are very different.

Mashable’s take can be summed up as follows

It is a completely stripped-down version of the Facebook platform. From what we can tell, it is almost like a Twitterstream: you can see your most recent status updates and the updates of your friends. There is a left-hand navigation with four main categories: Wall, Info, Friends, and Photos & Videos. It does little more than that.