Facebook Emerging as Social Media of Choice for UK Younger Set

facebook2Everyone wants to figure out who has this social media thing figured out. One of the things that gets attention in a hyper covered area like social media is saying something contrary to what appears to be the conventional wisdom. In the UK, we have heard from 15 year ‘analysts’ and now we hear from the UK media regulator, Ofcom that social networking use is down. The Ofcom site defines them as the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Their findings as reported by ClickZ states

Yahoo To See Talent Exodus?

yahoo-logoYesterday’s announcement that Doug Cutting was leaving Yahoo for start-up Cloudera was big news considering how important he was to establishing the Yahoo search business. It seems that the thrill is gone for him at the new and improved Yahoo. Cutting’s departure was covered yesterday by the New York Times and then expanded on a bit by the folks at ReadWrite Enterprise.

Cutting was one of Yahoo’s best and brightest, especially in the area of search and software infrastructure. He got to work on the largest installation of his wildly successful software Hadoop, an open source solution for dealing with huge data sets. Both Yahoo and Cloudera use Hadoop, so the work is the same on the most basic level. Why would he leave to join a 20-person team at a young company?

Facebook Search Improves

facebook2One of the more difficult aspects of Facebook up until yesterday was the search capability on the site. Yesterday was a busy day at Facebook as the “FaceFeed” acquisition was put in motion .Under the radar of sorts was this announcement about improvements made in the search capabilities that helps heavy Facebook users considerably and, in particular, marketers.

Let’s be honest here. Facebook is like every other social networking / media / engineering marketing site in that it promotes communication and a kind of online hippy mentality. It’s all peace, love, everyone getting along and basically knowing way too much about each other. Well folks, let’s remind ourselves of one thing about the lovable hippies of the 60’s. They went on to become major league capitalists (the ones that could at least feed themselves like Jerry Rubin) and while Facebook may always talk about the user experience what they are most interested in their financial experience. At the end of the day it’s a business and who can fault them? The search capabilities help the business of Facebook even more and may help them hit those lofty revenue numbers.

Google Gadgets Go Down Under

google-logoGoogle has given the good folks who use their Australian engine some social networking features that come with a gaggle of Google gadgets. Looks like the only way to get the social networking aspects of the gadgets is to be putting your shrimp on the barbie. Smart Company tells us

The new gadgets include the “Updates” feed, which is similar to those seen on the Facebook home page. Other gadgets include news.com.au, Biggest Brain, YouTube, Photos, Chess, Flood-It!, NY Times Crossword, To Do, Go Comics, Trivia, Timeline, and Tile Game.

Users outside of Australia can use the gadgets, but only Australians can use their social features. Regan also said in his post that the social features are completely optional.

Bloglines Not Aging Well

bl-logo-large JPEGAs the Internet space grows there are going to be some casualties for sure. As to who they are that remains to be seen because you just never know. This space is changing rapidly and what used to be the “latest and greatest’ can quickly turn into the lamest and not so greatest’.
The latest ‘victim’ is Bloglines and Michael Arrington of TechCrunch tells it like it is

The once-great feed reader, bought by IAC in February 2005 for around $10 million, has been on life support for a couple of years now.

A two year old beta site with new features remains in beta and has never been launched on the main domain name. A band aid was put on the problems the service had a year ago, but not a single new feature of note has launched since then.

British Troops Encouraged to Tweet (To a Degree)

twitter-logo1Since we had a rather strong response to our coverage of the United States Marine Corps’ policy to not allow Marines to access social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter on the Marines’ network it seemed appropriate to see how this is handled ‘across the pond’.

Now before going into this and making comparisons between the two reports I think it only fair to share a comment from one of our readers to the report regarding the USMC policy. Commenter Jason said

This ban has slowly been implemented across all Department of Defense systems. This is not just a Marine ban. This is strictly for government systems and in no way affects the systems used for morale. They are not saying the Marines cannot access Facebook or MySpace or Twitter on their time. They are saying that Marines cannot access these Social Networking sites while at work.

Razorfish on the Razor’s Edge?

RazorfishMicrosoft’s interactive agency Razorfish is the subject of some varying rumors as of late. The one common thread in all of these reports is that Microsoft is shopping the company. That much we know for sure. Where they end up is the subject of much speculation.

In the Internet marketing press it depends on who you listen to and / or trust that will help you make your very own prediction. Publicis ending up with Razorfish has been favored by the folks at paidContent and they were willing to pay handsomely for the company although not quite the $800 million that it was supposed to merit. That may not be the case any longer. WPP is in the game as well but that is another that falls under the category of “to be determined”