AOL’s Armstrong Logs First 100 Days

AOL logoAs a culture, we love to try to determine how successful someone will be in a huge job based on the first 100 days. We do it regularly with the President of the US and now there is the same examination occurring with Tim Armstrong, the recently minted CEO of AOL. Much like our struggling economy AOL needs some real help and Armstrong was brought in to get the once high-flying Internet giant back among the ranks of the heavyweights. So how’s it going thus far?

Let’s Play “Reviews for Dollars”!

BlogolaPosts for pay, reviews for cash or whatever you want to call them are a part of the blogosphere and have been for quite some time. The amount of attention that it gets is often directly related to the amount of other news that is happening in the space at the time. Well, we are in the middle of the summer and other than Twitter running around with its security briefs around its ankles there has little news to truly examine.

Enter Ad Age and its video feature “Three Minute Ad Age” which interviews BlogHer co-founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page on the eve of their 5th annual conference in Chicago. While many turn up their noses at the idea of ‘mommy-bloggers’ there is power in numbers whether it is real or perceived. Ask Motrin. is a online community that gets 15 million unique visitors per month so there is nothing to sneeze at there from a pure quantity measure.

Twitter Gets Some Viral Bang for Its Buck

twitter-birdWhen it comes to Internet marketing and social media marketing one of the most important metrics of success is the return on investment (ROI). Everyone demands to see something that measures this although most can’t agree on just how to accomplish that. Twitter is one outlet that people are trying to measure as to just how much value do their efforts get on the micro-blogging service. Well, while the rest of the world scratches its head on putting a number to the value of its efforts, Twitter is practically falling over itself with free publicity that has street value that would make any PR person’s head swim.

Twitter Takes to the Air

We are all getting comfortable with the place that social media outlets can have in the business process. Public relations, human resources, legal and sales can all benefit. At the present the most common application is customer service. While customer service is always important, the advent of social media has created customer service in ways that most companies never imagined.

The airline industry has had a virtual crash course in handling customer issues via social media outlets with Twitter leading the charge. One main reason for this is the fact that frequent travelers are likely to be heavy smart phone users and what else can they do while suffering thorough a delay? Complain of course. Now just going to the desk at the gate and airing your concerns is mere child’s play. Why not tell all of your friends and followers about how terrible the airline is that you are having trouble with? How airlines handle this can determine who that flyer decides to go with in the future.

Get Your Free Online Newspaper! While You Can

The newspaper industry is still struggling to figure out what it will be when it grows up. Ad revenue is in the toilet and the news acquisition habits of people, even those who have traditionally turned to newspapers for news, has moved online at an increasing rate. We all know that in order to survive newspapers have to change but the debate has always been around exactly how to do it.

The editor of the Financial Times, Lionel Barber, has thrown down the gauntlet of sorts. The Guardian reported that during a speech at the Media Standards Trust event at the British Academy he predicted that within a year almost all news organizations will be charging for content.

Microsoft and Yahoo Close on Search Ad Deal

Simpson HandshakePlease, please, please be warned: While there is talk of Yahoo and Microsoft getting close to coming to terms on a search ad deal this is not a done deal. People in the Internet space love to see some information then make a few assumptions and then turn it into a reality. Over at All Things Digital Kara Swisher is reporting on the goings on with this deal and there is plenty of cautionary talk about the deal despite it being close to done.

The most recent talks have been unusually close to the vest at both companies, and spokespeople for both Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) declined to comment on the issue.

And, of course, they should not, since there is no certainty any deal will be struck at all, especially since the pair have been down this road before, unsuccessfully.

Google Health Gets Helpful and a Little Creepy

Google HealthGoogle is so much more than a search engine. There’s Google Apps. There’s Google Mobile. There’s Google Mail. There’s a Google for just about anything. Now with a new offering from Google Health that concept extends to your death wishes. No typo there. Google is trying to make checking out of this life as easy as using Google Checkout. Thanks guys!

At the Official Google blog they have announced that you can now upload scanned documents to your Google Health profile for safekeeping. That’s pretty handy it’ the next part that, while it is practical, it is also a little weird.