Twitter Beefs Up Legal Team

Law BooksIt wouldn’t be the Internet if there wasn’t just as much talk of legal action as there is of innovation. Google knows this better than anyone as they fend off lawsuits on a regular basis that are related (at least loosely in some cases) to their offerings and the apparent lines that are crossed by the search giant. Twitter has gotten a taste of that with the Tony LaRussa impersonation account issue. As a result, Twitter has just landed a bit of a catch by nabbing one of Google’s top lawyers.

According to the NY Times

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service, has stolen a prominent Google lawyer.

The start-up has hired Alexander Macgillivray, deputy general counsel for products and intellectual property at Google, to be its general counsel, according to a person with knowledge of the hiring.

MySpace Taking Up Some of Our Space

MySpace New LogoIn all honesty, there is not much to talk about at the start of a week that truly moving toward the dog days of summer. Let’s take one more look at the Sun Valley meeting of last week to see if a gathering of the most influential media executives can garner something of interest. Errr…..not really. Best we can come up with is the Wall Street Journal report that MySpace is looking to focus on the entertainment space. Shocking! I feel like such a slacker when I get blindsided by this kind of breaking news. It’s now very apparent that if we didn’t have these kinds of meetings of these great minds we wouldn’t have the kind of insight and wisdom unavailable to us commoners like the following

Rosetta Stone Uses Plain English to Sue Google

Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone, the company that makes the software that can help you learn any language (according to their advertising that is) is joining the line of companies who are suing Google over trademark infringement in AdWords campaigns. The Washington Post reports says that the company has filed their suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Rosetta Stone asked the court to stop Google from allowing other firms — including competitors — to use its trademarks to sell ads associated with online searches.

“Google and its advertisers benefit financially from and trade off the goodwill and reputation of Rosetta Stone without incurring the substantial expense that Rosetta Stone has incurred in building up its popularity, name recognition and brand loyalty,” Michael Wu, general counsel of Rosetta Stone, said in a statement.

Google Search Results for Places Gets Better

Google is still going about its search business despite the flurry of activity around its Chrome OS and all other things Google. Today, on the Official Google Blog, they announced the introduction of better, more comprehensive search results for places.

Using our Universal Search technology, we have provided maps in our search results for more than two years. However, as any traveler could tell you, knowing the geographical location of a place is only part of the story. It’s often just as valuable to get a sense of what the place is like, and there’s no better way to do that than by looking at images of some of its most important sights.

Rather than just heist the images they used I did some exploring myself. Raleigh, NC and Cary, NC (neighboring ‘cities’) each had their own map and pictures.

Some Microsoft Thoughts on Chrome OS

microsoftAs was widely reported this week Google is venturing into the world of operating systems, which is kind of like walking into Microsoft’s living room and saying “We’re here!”. Microsoft has been trying to for years to make a dent in the complete dominance of the search space that Google has. The introduction of Bing as served to move them in that direction but no one really expects them to unseat Google as the #1 search engine.

E-Mail Marketing Still Open to Improvement

Email GeneralI have to admit that any story about e-mail marketing and an increase in open rates is a bit baffling. Why? I know how I handle e-mail these days. A quick scan and if the sender or subject doesn’t ring a bell I have developed the Internet equivalent of a quick trigger finger – check the box then flush it with the rest of the e-mail I have no time for. I realize that I don’t represent everyone by any stretch but the amount of e-mail coming down the pike on a daily basis is daunting. As for anything unfortunate enough to hit my spam folder? No hope there. I rarely peruse it and usually just send it packing.

Bing’s Got Some Zing

bing-logo1Just last week the earliest of the early reports claimed that Bing had made some impact in the search engine arms race. Those numbers were met with a fair amount of skepticism due to the timing etc. Now Mashable reports that has released US traffic stats that shows Bing is making some progress in more than just search.

So after a month, where are we? We knew that Bing was growing, but the numbers being released tonight tell a tale of success, as Bing is now the 13th most visited site on the web.