Google Tries to Patch Its Talent Leak

google-logo1Google is often a victim of its own success. While there is little cause to go out and throw a pity party for them, it is an interesting study to see what a Google does to manage the pains that come with getting so big so fast. The Wall Street Journal examines the continued problem of Google bleeding top talent as employees leave for start-ups, often taking with them the innovation that Google needs to expand beyond its King of Search status. It’s a good problem to have considering the times but one that is getting real attention from the C-level folks in the company (in between trips to Washington, DC, of course).

The gist of the problem is

Twitter Search Barely Makes a Chirp

Twitter Bird GoofyWhile there is a lot of hubbub around the impact that Bing is having on the overall search engine landscape, there is another press darling that is joining the search race. That’s right, it’s Twitter! At All Things Digital it is reported that according to comScore the Twitter searches accounted for .001 percent of overall searches for May of ’09.

So let the questioning begin. The first one that comes to mind for me is that if this were any other entity than Twitter would comScore even mention the search vehicle? As Peter Kafka asks as well, would we even report on anything that has such a minuscule number attached to it?

An analyst from Citigroup said

Pre Bing Sting With a Post Bing Bang?

bing-logo-2-jWhile not the longest timeframe to be measuring in and considering all the Bing buzz surrounding its launch, Microsoft has got to feel that at least they are keeping everyone else out of the news with Bing having some early success.

In a case of “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news” if you are Microsoft the bad news of search traffic pre-Bing in May ’09, well, pretty much sucked. PCWorld Canada reports that Nielsen’s search engine report for the month revealed a bitter pill for any search engine to swallow

Microsoft’s Live/MSN search engine was the only one among the top five that saw its search usage shrink last month compared with May 2008.

Microsoft Bings Click Fraud Crew with Lawsuit

The LawSo you thought the search engines had click fraud under control to a degree? Has Google’s “See No Click Fraud, Hear No Click Fraud” approach made you curious but you just figure its part of the search marketing landscape so get used to it? Well, decision engine pioneer, Microsoft, may have crossed into some uncharted territory by suing a suspected click fraud perpetrator so they now can experiment with the new tagline of “Microsoft: Makers of the Decision Engine for Click Cops Everywhere”.

So what brought this about? The New York Times reports that it is the result of a year long investigation and the end result is

Microsoft filed the civil complaint on Monday in United States District Court in Seattle against Eric Lam, Gordon Lam and Melanie Suen, of Vancouver, British Columbia, along with several corporation names they were believed to have used, and several unnamed parties.

Radio Takes a Ad Revenue Hit As Well

Car RadioWhile likely to be no surprise, the Wall Street Journal reports that radio ad revenues have fallen sharply along with just about anything else that has the word advertising attached to it. That is unless you are in some sectors of Internet advertising and even then it depends on who is doing the research to supply data that determines whether that is true or not.

It looks like the Internet and all of those who participate in the commercialization of it (i.e. advertising, marketing and general trouble making) are responsible for the end of the media world as we know it.

….intensifying competition for listeners, from satellite radio and the Internet, helped slow growth in advertising. The recession sent revenues off a cliff. Station ad revenues fell 7.8% in 2008 and are expected to drop a further 15% this year, estimates consultant BIA Financial Network.

TV Better Learn a Lesson From Newspapers

TV With No PictureWe have chronicled the slow death of the newspaper industry for a while now. First, there was the thought that maybe the Internet could displace newspapers with the delivery of content in a more timely and personalized manner. Newspapers decided that they were doing just fine and that they were moving into the digital world in a way that could help them maintain their content delivery fiefdom with no problems. Now, we see a landscape of wreckage where some of the most venerable names in newspaper including the Boston Globe are losing value both monetarily and in reputation. It’s been painful to watch but now there is even more carnage predicted as a result of the Internet age.

Sources Say Google’s Brin Orders Bing Study

I am from the Tri-State area (for the uninitiated that encompasses NY/NJ/CT area that is within striking distance of New York City) originally so I am used to the New York Post. In fact, it’s a fun read on most days because it is a tabloid that tends to ‘over-embellish’ a bit but you know that going in (unless you’re a tourist then please just spend your money and leave quietly ;-)). A headline from yesterday, though, got my attention because of the sheer NY Post shock factor. It read: Fear Grips Google, Sources: Sergey Orders Bing Study. Way to go headline guys…. that one worked.

According to the paper

You’d think nothing would get under the skin of search giant Google.