Twitter Up! Baseball Manager Goes to the Lawyer for Relief

larussaIt was only a matter of time before the lawyers jump on the Twitter Express. While might suspect that some big Hollywood celeb would be the one concerned with having their image “abducted” on Twitter it instead goes to a veteran Major League Baseball manager, Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of the coverage of this event portrays LaRussa as a guy with no sense of humor.

So what’s the fuss all about? Apparently the individual tweeting as Tony La Russa (@tonylarussa was removed after the lawsuit was filed) made statements that the real Tony didn’t appreciate. So he’s suing Twitter and the causes of action include trademark infringement, trademark dilution, cybersquatting, misappropriation of name and likeness, invasion of privacy, and intentional misrepresentation.

Yahoo’s Bartz Continues Microsoft “Love / Hate Tour ’09”

yahoo-logoLast week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had plenty to say about what it would take for Microsoft and Yahoo to strike some kind of search deal. The exact phrasing was “boatloads of cash”. Oh and along the way she dropped a masterful “F you” to her interviewer, Kara Swisher, which you will find either entertaining or ridiculously over the top, depending on your point of view. At least she got a good laugh [edited to remove an error].

So now she is talking more about Microsoft at the Bank of America U.S. Technology Conference today. Her discussion is hot on the heels of the coming out party of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. So how do think she played it? Here are some tidbits

Newspaper Ad Revenue Drops a Shocking $2.6B in Q1

pile-of-newspapersYup, that’s a B as in billion. Just when you think the newspaper industry can’t take another hit it gets hit with a haymaker. According to TechCrunch, the Newspaper Association of America reported a 28.28% year over year in Q1. That number’s monetary equivalent is $2.6B and that’s a stunning number even to an already beleaguered industry.

TechCrunch says

The sharp decline is caused by the lousy state of both digital and dead tree ad sales: the stats posted on the Newspaper Association of America website show that print sales fell by 29.7% in the first three months of this year (to $5.9 billion), while online sales dropped a record 13.4% (to $696.3 million).

Twitter Study Shows that Tweets are Few and Far Between

twitter-birdIf you are in the social media space you would look at this headline and ask “What is he smoking?” There is no way that most people don’t produce many tweets because how else can the tweet stream be more cluttered and crowded than the start of the New York City Marathon? reports on a study of a significant sized sample of Twitter users. They intro their findings with

We examined the activity of a random sample of 300,000 Twitter users in May 2009 to find out how people are using the service. We then compared our findings to activity on other social networks and online content production venues. Our findings are very surprising.

iPhone Users are More In Tune with Mobile Ads

iphone-thumb.jpgThis information comes from eMarketer by way of ReadWriteWeb and it conjures up some thoughts about why the following is found to be true. iPhone users recall advertising seen on their smartphones better than those of other smartphone providers like RIM’s BlackBerry. This probably is not a shock to many but for marketers it poses the question of how now address a market based on device in addition to other demographic and psychographic markers.

The data below shows the whole picture


Major Yellow Page Publisher Files Chap 11

yellow-pagesTraditional marketing avenues continue to take punishment in ways never seen before. Of course, we all know about newspapers and the trouble they are having. Now, it’s time for another stalwart of traditional small and medium business advertising, the Yellow Pages, to take more of a beating.

Amidst news stories about Microsoft actually making search inroads and the “Tastes Great / Less Filling!” wars between Facebook and Twitter is the reality that the old guard is struggling to hold on. Late last week, R.H. Donnelly Corp., a major yellow pages publisher, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so it can get out from under a $10 billion (that’s right, with a B) debt load. The Wall Street Journal reports

Welcome to Google-ington, DC?

The New York Times is google-logoreporting that Google’s head of global public policy, Andrew McLaughlin, is headed to Washington, DC to join the Obama administration. Considering CEO Eric Schmidt’s position on PCAST (President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) some are wondering if there isn’t a tether attached to the Google Mothership in Mountain View that might raise some eyebrows.

The Times reports

Mr. McLaughlin will be deputy chief technology officer, reporting to Aneesh Chopra, the chief technology officer, who was previously Virginia’s secretary of technology, said these people, who agreed to speak only if their names were not used because Mr. McLaughlin’s appointment had not been announced.

Mr. McLaughlin’s move is likely to renew concerns among some Google rivals and public policy groups about Google’s growing clout in Washington.