Social Media Can Change the Rules in Many Places

Since Andy is such an NC State fan it’s only fitting that the school would be involved in the social mediabasketball learning curve. Social media is about communication first and foremost but it is literally changing the rules of communication for some traditional organizations and in this case it’s the NCAA.

As reported in the Raleigh News & Observer, there is a very hot recruiting battle going on for John Wall who is ranked as the number 1 high school senior basketball player in the country according to Wall attends Raleigh Word of God high school right in Raleigh so naturally the NC State fan base would love to see one of their own stay home and help NC State become a national power in basketball. While the fan base would certainly love that so would the university considering the revenue that can be generated via advertising and more. Add to it that the local competition is none other than newly crowned national champion North Carolina and the ever present Duke University then it becomes pretty critical to State to bring a phenom like this on board.

Twitter Aids Customer Service for More Companies

We have all heard about Twitter and Dell. A customer service coup of sorts that jacked up sales with a twitter-birdclaim in December of ’08 that $ 1 million in sales could be contributed to Twitter efforts. Not bad for an investment involving employee time and probably little working capital As would be expected, other companies are now jumping on the bandwagon to provide an avenue of service that was for the most part unattainable in the very recent past.

Qwest Communications is taking this approach as noted over at MediaPost. The @TalktoQwest is monitored by 7 employees (or company reps as the article states which makes one wonder are they real Qwest employees?) 24 / 7and is designed to help aid customers in near real time regarding services like high-speed Internet, billing, pricing, technical support, and more.

Alert! Google Still Leads in Search!

While the news that Google is the search engine of choice by far is not ‘new’, it still amazes to hear that their lead is increasing. The increase year over year was 8% while there was a slight increase in the March ’09 over the February ’09 numbers. Google gets about 72% of the searches performed in the US.

Hitwise reports that Google’s gains are certainly coming at the expense of their major competitors. Yahoo year over year was down 19% and Live Search was down 17%. Love’em or hate’em Google sure is not showing signs of giving up its stranglehold on the search marketing industry. With this kind of data it’s no wonder that Yahoo is looking to shop its search business and venture into more social media plays.

Internet Island Hopping with Yahoo

Yahoo is still lurking about. A Reuters article gives a peek into what the folks at the perpetual Google chaser yahoo-logoare doing to try to harness the large number of visitors it gets on a monthly basis to its disparate properties. These properties often work well on their own but don’t play well with other Yahoo properties and are in effect islands unto themselves.

Many of Yahoo’s properties rank among the most popular on the Internet. Yahoo’s homepage had 329 million unique visitors in February, according to research company comScore; Yahoo Mail had 282 million unique visitors in February, second to Microsoft HotMail.

Twitter Agency Emerges from TV Character

I suppose you may have had the same response to this idea that I did initially so let’s jump right in. madmen-logo

Carri Bugbee, a Portland OR, PR agency owner has started a new business at that is designed to help companies utilize Twitter to their advantage by replicating what made Ms. Bugbee ‘famous’ in the first place. In February, the first Knight Foundation-backed Shorty Awards honored Ms. Bugbee’s “Mad Men” character tweets as the year’s best Twitter advertising campaign. This award recognized her ‘campaign’ to become the Twitter version of Peggy Olson, the executive assistant turned copywriter and a whole lot more. I use quotes around campaign because ordinarily these kinds of things are paid for but Ms. Bugbee did this on her own and outside of any input from the show or AMC which airs it.

Google Exec Exodus Continues

Ok, so exodus may be a bit strong but it got your attention right? What is certain though is Google is leakinggoogle-2 some big executives. If you have ever worked in a corporate environment, be it large or small, these kind of changes can indicate either concerns with how the company is going or opportunity for new ideas and new spirit to be injected. Regardless of the real reasons which may never be known anyway it does cause disruptions in the course of normal business that more often hurt than help.

The latest big name to leave is Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Google’s president for Asia-Pacific (APAC) & Latin American Operations. She has departed for Accel Partners, a Silicon Valley VC that has invested in the likes of Facebook. As reported at VentureBeat

Twitter Traffic Older Than Many Think

The folks at comScore put some numbers to what everyone already suspects. Twitter traffic is growing at a very rapid rate. What may surprise some are the people that are leading the charge. They also say that the March numbers to be released in the next week will raise some eyebrows as well.

Twitter has grown in legend and lore as of late. It is being used by Shaquille O’Neal, Ashton and Mrs. Kutcher, big business like Dell and Southwest Airlines and President Obama. You can’t seem to turn around without bumping into someone either blubbering over the importance of Twitter or another person bemoaning the decline and fall of Western civilization as a result of it. One thing is for sure, people read, write and talk about it a lot and as the talk grows so does the usage.