Yahoo! Post Mortem…A Bit Premature?

Just one day after the announcement of Jerry Yang stepping aside as Yahoo! CEO, Forbes magazine takes a look at the 5 Biggest Mistakes Yahoo! made while hitting the skids as of late. The article reads a little like an autopsy on a live body. Sure Yahoo! is struggling to survive in the exhaust of Google and others cleaning their clock in the race to control the net (for now) but is Taps necessary just yet?

The article ‘interviews’ several Yahoo! staffers in what appears to be some kind of odd lunch time ambush since most of these ‘interviewees’ were carry their lunch or some kind of boxes. We heard things were different at Yahoo! but now we have some insight I guess. Of course, with 1,500 layoffs looming these folks may be gathering their belongings in anticipation of a trip to the HR department soon.

Mark Cuban Lives in Hot Water

If there is anyone who is representative of all the potential, all the excess and all the celebrity that the Internet economy has offered up to this point, it’s Mark Cuban. His flamboyant style keeps him in the news in one way or another and his mounds of cash from the sale of to Yahoo! during the first internet gold rush has allowed him to live a life that most can only dream of (if that’s your sort of thing). Well, today that dream life may be looking more like a nightmare as the SEC investigates charges of insider trading by Mr. Cuban.

Yellow Pages Continue Toward Fossilization

While I was at PubCon last week I had the chance to listen to Justin Sanger the founder of LocalLaunch which was purchased by Yellow Pages giant RH Donnelly in 2006. I say ‘giant’ with great trepidation these days as the entire Yellow Pages franchise continues its free fall. Justin’s presentation was easily the most passionate I saw during the 3 days of speakers at the conference and his dedication to the cause was inspiring. In fact, SMB’s (small and medium businesses), depending on their industry / vertical, really need to consider their local search options. Whether the Yellow Pages in either its offline printed form or its online form (IYP) is the best option is something that needs to be considered heavily by small businesses during these economic times.

PubCon Recon – Looking Back Already

I am waiting at McCarran Airport to head back home and see my family after a long week of information overload. I mean that in a good way though. This was my first PubCon and I think it was well worth the time and effort. I met a lot of folks who are passionate about their work and are helping a growing industry move along at a break neck pace through open sharing of information, techniques, resources etc. I have always been on the sales side of search services and I tell you now that I am getting a look at the actual delivery and implementation of internet marketing and all its facets like SEO, paid search, social media, video and on and on and I am impressed. This industry is no longer the fringe. I am not totally sure where and how it fits exactly but it’s not going to be on the outside looking in that’s for sure.

PubCon Recon – Social Media; Now I’m a Believer

I was relieved to see the following reaction from the first day’s crowd when PubCon’s Brett Tabke asked if people had seen an increase in their business and about 50% of the crowd raised their hands. When asked if they felt that it would increase in the coming year it looked like about 75% of the folks (out of hundreds and hundreds) were positive. Only about 4 or so people were willing to admit they were worried. Are the numbers skewed? Of course they are. They are numbers. The idea is that at least people want to ACT positive. One of the ways to get busy is social media / marketing / networking.

PubCon Recon – Keynotes of Note

I am a first time PubCon attendee thanks to Andy and Marketing Pilgrim. I am about to get started on the third day of PubCon’s full slate of education in the areas of search engine optimization, paid search, social media, affiliates . ORM, web hosting, content creation, site reviews, link building and domaining. Needless to say there is plenty to do. In fact, it becomes a war of attrition trying to figure out where you can get the most value. Here’s a quick note: this event is being held in Las Vegas. Obviously there are “distractions” available but I will not have any wild tales to tell. Sorry to disappoint. If it’s information about what thought leaders in internet marketing have to say I am there for you and so is PubCon. If it’s a “fear and loathing in Las Vegas” kinda look you want I will sorely disappoint you (my wife and family like that last part though). and iCrossing Hit the Courts

As I wait at RDU airport in Raleigh, NC to get to Vegas for PubCon (a lot more from me this week on that), I was reading the, surprise, Wall Street Journal. It appears that interactive agencies are now really in the big time because today’s news isn’t about search marketing or interactive ingenuity by rivals iCrossing and No, it’s about a lawsuit. Congratulations interactive agencies, you have arrived. No longer do you sit on the fringes while people wonder what it is you do that other advertising agencies can’t (or maybe won’t) do. You are now in the business of having your dirty laundry aired for all of us to gawk at. Well struck!