Another Search for Relevance…..It’s Now AOL’s Turn

AOLIt think there is a tipping point of sorts when a once dominant player in an industry is described as a making a bid to remain relevant. That PR kiss of death was offered by the WSJ for AOL’s latest efforts to prove that it has a place at the adult table this Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that the folks at Yahoo! breathe a sigh of relief every time they come to the realization that their continued slide into mediocrity pales in comparison to the AOL fast track to internet oblivion that has people like me asking “Oh, they ‘re still around?”.

Google, Google Everywhere – Even In The Air?

Looking at the last several posts here at Marketing Pilgrim it looks like Google is getting pretty busy. While the rest of the world sits and wrings their hands about the economy and the end of the world as we know it, Google continues to invest, experiment and further cement its iconic position.

Now it is getting involved, albeit indirectly through investment, in getting internet connectivity to the under developed areas of the world. The company that is behind the latest effort to help make the internet truly global is 03b Networks which was founded and is run by Greg Wyler who is described in today’s WSJ as a 38 year old telecommunications entrepreneur. The ultimate goal of the company is to put as many as 16 satellites in the sky that would work to provide internet service to Africa, the Middle East and parts of Latin America by the end of 2010.

The Real News About Online Advertising

As noted by Andy Beal earlier today there appears to be some unnecessary alarmism regarding the current state on online ad spends. I say unnecessary because as we have noted on another occasion the media really has a twisted sense of when the sky is falling. According to the Wall Street Journal today there is actually cause for celebration from the 2nd quarter numbers for Internet advertising rose 20%. So what’s your take? Should we panic and go back to smoke signals or just struggle through a sluggish 20% growth cycle?

eBay Not Out of the Woods Yet With Tiffany’s and Trademark Concerns

EBay has the “honor” of being in the Wall Street Journal headlines twice today. So what do you want to read about regarding eBay today; trademark infringement or merchants leaving eBay for other smaller niche auction sites ? Looks like eBay may want a little ORM in place to handle this current flood of “news”.

For this post’s purposes we will look at the trademark story. On the heels of a July victory stemming from a 2004 suit brought against them by Tiffany & Co. regarding the sales of fake goods on the auction site, eBay will have to suffer through the appeals process before victory is theirs. Apparently Tiffany’s doesn’t agree with the ruling handed down by US District Court Judge Richard Sullivan. It was Tiffany’s contention that eBay was not doing enough to prevent counterfeit goods from being sold on their site. The ruling stated that trademark holders like Tiffany’s, not eBay, “bore the main responsibility for monitoring eBay’s auction site for fake goods.” Tiffany’s response was “that the court’s ruling failed to apply established principles of trademark law.”


First let me tell you that I am not a big online video viewer. When I allow myself to get sucked into the world of YouTube I will look for things like obscure music video from the way back machine. It’s the stuff that could only rarely be seen before the internet made everything seem normal and commonplace.  That’s fun for a bit but after I have let 30 minutes slip by without doing anything other than staring at the screen I feel a bit useless.

Well, appears that Google is really making a push to make sure that my “downtime” is productive for its advertisers. In an article aptly titled “Google Goes Gaudy With YouTube Ads” NYT reporter Saul Hansell looks at the less than subtle technique being used by YouTube for our “benefit” so we can see even more “Ads by Google”. I don’t know about you but I get chill bumps at the prospect! Hansell states:

Next Stop for Newspapers……Total Humiliation!

As internet marketers we have a great opportunity to gloat over the new depths that the newspaper industry has fallen to. Advertising revenue is continuing a steady decline, there are massive layoffs at many of the major newspapers and now many are on the selling block. Only thing is there is a bit of a problem….no one is buying.

According to an article in the New York Times it appears that newspapers are about as desirable a buy as Expeditions and Tahoes. While people aren’t buying huge vehicles anymore because of their fossil fuel consumption there also appears to be no one shelling out for the marketing’s equivalent to fossils: newspapers.

Is Cartier ”Slumming It” on MySpace?

Just to prove that I read other publications than the Wall Street Journal I turned my eye to a stalwart of the new media age, the New York Times. Ok, so it’s just as “old school” as the WSJ but someone has to read these things, right?

So I ran across a pretty interesting application of MySpace by Cartier of all companies. Now, I can never shop with Cartier and in fact I have a hard enough time pronouncing it but this caught my eye. Most recently, it seems that Facebook has been touted as a good option for business applications while MySpace has been relegated to the teeny-bopper space, spammers and well, let’s face facts here, social misfits. (If Andy said it was OK to write that then direct all hostile comments to him directly, thanks). As far as a networking tool I am a LinkedIn fan but that is just for networking and it isn’t really a place to sell products, especially vanity products like jewelry and accessories (I know a little about this stuff because I am married and I have an 11 year old daughter so stop snickering).