Three Ways To Turn Your Content Marketing Efforts In To A Blazing Fire

fireIn Youtility, Jay Bear wrote, “content is fire, social media is gasoline” and I truly believe that. Yes, great content that is optimized for the search engines can generate a lot of awareness and new business, but by peppering in social media marketing strategies, you can truly light that content on fire and explode your business.

A lot our clients at Stryde, rely on us for content strategy and execution. They invest a lot of money into content initiatives and in return, expect a lot back in terms of awareness and revenue. I’m sure it’s the same at your agency or if you’re an in-house marketer, the same in your organization.

Is Parallax Scrolling The Future of Infographics?

As a marketer, I started using infographics to drive visibility, traffic, and leads for my clients around four years ago. Yes, I was a bit late to the game, but immediately saw massive value in this type of promotion strategy and engaged with our good friends at Avalaunch to help in the creation and promotion of these graphics for my clients.

Because we were driven marketers, my colleague Ash Buckles and I were always asking, what’s the next for the infographic? Is it video infographics, interactive infographics, etc.? I’m not sure anyone really had a good answer back then and I’m not sure they do today either.

I will tell you, that we’ve seen some cool video infographics, like this one from MDGadvertising titled “A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest” or this one from Lemonly titled “’s Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2012”, but these are few and far between.

Growing App Installs Without App Store Optimization (ASO)

As many of my friends and colleagues have noticed lately, marketing mobile applications has really piqued my interested over the last six months or so and I’ve been doing a lot of work in the mobile space. I, along with many marketers believe that mobile is the future. I mean, I use my iPhone and iPad for everything. Looking up movie times, restaurants to eat at, finding store hours & phone numbers, purchasing just about everything I currently own and the list can go on and on. I’d say in most cases, it really isn’t much different for mobile applications.

Ten Reasons Why Your SEO Agency Just Ain’t Getting It Done!

seo octI’ve put a lot of time and effort into this post and hope everyone reading finds it valuable. Typically a post like this will just attack what the client is doing wrong and how it inhibits the agency from getting results. In this post, I wanted to break it down across both the agency side as well as client side because as of right now, there’s still a lot of room for improvement on both sides.

Let’s start agency side because most marketers working for agencies have no problem pointing the finger of blame the clients way because they are “the guru”, not the client. I think it’s important to take a good hard look at yourself before you start blaming others. Let’s go…

Four Things You Must Be Willing To Do To Win At SEO

SEO-1I’ve worked with a lot of clients during my career as an online marketer. What I’ve found is there are two types of clients, those who are “all in” and those who want to “pass the baton” and believe it or not those clients who are “all in” have a higher percentage of success and ROI than those who just don’t want to deal with it and pass their agency the baton. In today’s post, I want to talk about four things your business must be willing to do to win at SEO.

Every Member of The Organization Is Part of The Marketing Department

This is probably the most important thing that any business can implement to help drive business growth and help with SEO and other marketing initiatives. Gone are the days when the marketing department consists of a few individuals, if you want to win, every member of your company needs to be involved in the following:

Creating Compelling Content That Generates Links, Shares, and New Business

content-magnetToday’s post is the last of a three part series where I’ve covered SERP Analysis and Brainstorming Content Topics. I hope to tie everything together with this final post where I will be discussing content generation. In this post I will be talking about audience identification, buyer personas, content development, and strategically seeding your content for maximum visibility. This is going to be a longer post, so let’s jump in.

Audience Identification

Before you create any piece of content for your organization, you need to be able to answer the following question: Who is this content targeted at? Your answer should be one of two:

  • This content is to attract potential customers and move them into the sales funnel

Three Stupid Simple Ways To Brainstorm Content Topics

In my last post I talked about how to gain crucial insights from SERP analysis. Through proper SERP analysis, you can put together not only an SEO strategy, but content marketing strategy as well. In today’s post I want to talk about three ways of coming up with dozens of ideas to fuel your content strategy. We will start off talking about word association.

Word Association

When putting my content plan together, one of the very first things I like to do is build a big mind map of all the potential topics I can think of. I do this through word association. For those unfamiliar with word association, this was originally a game in which an original word is chosen and each player finds a different word that they associate with the original word. At the end of the game you might have hundreds of words associated with the original word. It is a great way to brainstorm content topics.

When going through this exercise, I start with my primary or head keyword and then branch out from there. As you can see in my example below, I used photography as my main keyword. In five minutes I was able to come up with 28 different topics I could write about.


This is a very simple, yet powerful way to get your creative juices flowing. If you need a mind mapping software to help you with this exercise, I suggest XMind. It’s free and quite robust. Now let’s talk about the second way to drum up content ideas, internal research.