Using Web Metrics to Analyze the ‘Palin Effect’ & 2008 Presidential Campaign

By Brent D. Payne

A fellow friend and SEO, Vinny Goldsmith, mentioned I should do a blog post about the trends and reasons behind those trends regarding the ‘Palin Effect’.

As many of you are aware, Sarah Palin has been quite the buzz on the internet over the past few weeks. In fact, Sarah Palin related queries (all queries broad matching to ‘Palin’) resulted in 7.18% of Tribune Interactive’s total unique visits from search engines during the month of September. That’s nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure.

The chart below shows that, for Tribune, she garnered nearly two-thirds of the market share when compared to the other three candidates on the 2008 ticket (broad match on other candidates’ surnames as well).

The day in the life of an in-house SEO at Tribune – After Lunch

By Brent D. Payne

[Andy’s note: Want to know what Brent did before lunch? Check out part 1 here.]

1:00pm – 1:30pm – Get some type of food

Don’t forget to eat. Yeah, that’s about all I have to say on that. Other than don’t down a bunch of food that’s going to leave you lethargic later in the day. You need to stay motivated, your day is only half way done.

1:30Pm – 2:00pm – PageRank siloing and mainly PageRank consolidation

The day in the life of an in-house SEO at Tribune

By Brent D. Payne

[Andy’s note: This is a long, but interesting post. So, we’ll divide it up and you’ll get to read the second part of Brent’s day after lunch]

This year there was a session at SMX East about the day in the life of an in-house SEO. Most of the session can be summed up in the following bullet points.

  1. You need upper management buy-in.
  2. You need to evangelize/train
  3. Get involved in several areas of the development process
  4. Reporting/analytics and explaining the value of yourself and SEO
  5. Make really cool videos like this one:

While the session was interesting and wildly entertaining thanks mainly to Laura’s video, I didn’t hear the finer details that I would’ve liked to have heard.

SMX East: The Great Search Industry – The Big Water Story

By Brent D. Payne

As most of you have probably heard at this point, the IM Charity event was an all out blowout event in more than one way for me. I had the opportunity to meet several people that I had only met previously on Twitter, via SEOmoz, via IM, or via email. As part of this experience I had several that offered to buy me shots, strong drinks (beer and other drinks were free to attendees), etc. and I accepted their generosity.  I even had one guy buy me a shot just to cut in front of me in the bathroom line (yeah, it was that long). Needless to say the night got pretty crazy.

SMX Advanced: Link Building Strategies

By Vinny Lingham

Other than the weather in Seattle, my trip to SMX Advanced was fantastic.  Danny Sullivan & co have done an amazing job by creating a conference circuit that even the most advanced Search Marketers found stimulating.  My key takeaway from the conference was that there is a fine line between so called “White Hat” & “Black Hat” SEO – and most people don’t know where one begins and the other ends.

One of the most important sections of SEO is link building, which was one of the main focuses on the conference.  I’ve purposefully removed all the tactics that I considered to be “Black Hat”, as I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to have these tactics promulgated.

Roger Monti spoke first about .edu Link hunting

How to Turn the Coveted SEM Triple Play – The Little Known Integrated Approach to Success

By Gyutae Park

yankee stadiumIf you’re a baseball junkie, you know that a triple play is nearly impossible to turn in a game. It requires perfect conditions (at least two runners already on base and no outs), super quick reflexes from the fielders, and a little bit of luck. In fact, the unassisted triple play has only been executed 14 times in the history of Major League Baseball (from 1876-2007).

Now before you hit the back button, confused that Marketing Pilgrim has somehow transformed into ESPN, let me explain how this is relevant to search engine marketing.

New Technique for Optimizing Flash Sites for Search and Usability

By Lamees Abourahma

Web content has evolved from plain old text to more sassy content including video, sound and Flash. This new engaging content is more likely to attract visitors and capture their attention for a longer time (thus increasing Site Traffic and lowering Bounce Rate).

Bruce Clay, in a recent episode of SEM Synergy on titled “Changing definition of content” said: “…the definition (of Web content) has expanded. Content can be video, MP3 or images, even feeds or news or blogs… the search engines have to figure out how to decipher that and measure engagement… new sites have a lot of Flash files and images… we’re actually finding that this actually makes a difference. If the web has more pictures, that’s how you get more visitors.” The problem is, most search engines still can’t decipher Flash files or index Flash sites (i.e., sites designed entirely using Adobe Flash).