Are Social Networks missing out on their highest converting age demographic?

By Kristoff Doneit

Most social networks are geared towards a younger age demographic of users, between the ages of 16 and 30. Even though this is the largest age demographic of social networking users online, the conversion ratio is the lowest. The reasons for this being fairly obvious. Most people between the ages of 16-25 are going to school and possibly even living at home or being supported by their parents. Most of them do not have a steady income or a full time job. So in essence, this age demographic has little or no buying power or is living “on the cheap”, and are much less willing to make large or frequent purchases online. So why are more social networks not targeting an older age demographic? Because they see the sheer volume of adolescent to young adult users online and assume that mass quantity equals more money. This is simply not the case, and for some reason, most of the major social networks (myspace, facebook, bebo, etc.) still have yet to catch on to this factor. If you look at almost all case studies conducted on age demographics and their spending habits, you will notice that the older or “grey” internet users tend to spend much more as they usually have a stable income and are generally in a much higher bracket. This means that the conversion ratio of an older demographic would be much higher, than their current target market.

How can social networks capture an older generation of computer users?

13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing

By Asif Anwar

When people realized the potential of email marketing, they thought that this is the future of internet marketing. Then came in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with more liberal approach. As the social media evolved with Web 2.0, we are steadily seeing the shift of visitors from popular internet services like search engines and free email services to the newborn Online Social Media. We are seeing that the present of Internet Marketing is changing rapidly. So, why not the future?

The changes in the internet marketing will evolve around the technology. And marketers have to go where all the people are heading. To give a bit of hint, I’ve compiled some of my prophecies that are based on future of internet marketing.

Climbing The Heights Of Mount Google

By Andy Beard

When you set out to climb a mountain, or rank for a competitive keyword term, some methods are effective.

This is a simplistic look at climbing the heights of Mount Google.

Human Pyramid

A human pyramid might be suitable for those low hanging fruit, but this method is unlikely to help you scale great heights. Not only is it hard to gain great height, but the weak construction is easily eroded by competitors.

Human Pyramid
Photo credit: >S@TS<

Belay or Blogroll

Whilst exchanging blogroll links can help lift you up to a certain level, they can effectively anchor you to your peers. From an SEO point of view they are more about securing your position than lifting you higher.
If you have achieved a certain height, there is nothing wrong with pulling up a few team mates. They can then aid in a push for the summit, which can be a very lonely solo trek.

Why Testing May Doom Your Rankings

By Michael Kraft

Versioning has long been a necessity in forming online marketing strategy and making correct business decisions. Versioning helps to answer questions like:

  • What is the best price to charge for your products?
  • Which page layout is the best for conversions?
  • Which options should I present my customers with?

Most companies need to version their pages to find answers; the question then becomes, how do you version your pages in a way that doesn’t affect your organic search results, or better yet, improves them?

Sure-fire Strategies to Pounce On Negative Search Engine Results

By Kurt Krejny

Online Reputation Management Search ResultsSEO firms are hired to make their client’s sites more visible in search engines and other online channels. Keyword and market research, content optimization, and link building are a few of the crucial elements of a successful SEO campaign. Many of these same SEO elements can be used to help clients achieve solid online reputation management (ORM). With the knowledge of how to optimize websites, social profiles and strategic linking to help influence search results, the task of helping a client with ORM is a natural fit for an SEO firm.

Why Your SEO Client May Need ORM

An SEO client’s need for online reputation management is typically indicated by their desire of the following:

  • Push down negative or reputation damaging results from a search for their company name or product/service

How to Research Keywords

By Judd Exley

No doubt about it, keyword research is the first, and possibly most vital, step in the Search Engine Optimisation process.

Choosing the right keywords is more than just analysing the numbers and this is a free and easy way to combine the raw data with your marketing intuition to find a successful combination sure to bring success to your site.

Here’s how to do your keyword research, FREE and easy

Start by getting a list (5-10 at least) keywords and plug them into the Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. Depending on the keywords entered, you should get back an exhaustive list (usually between 50 and 100) which you will then download as a CSV.

Your keyword research has begun…

Your Keyword Research report

It’s an SEO and PPC Party…but are you missing an important friend?

By Nathan Linnell

How does search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising relate to your quest to have an amazing night out at the hottest bar or club in town? And what friend should you make sure to bring along so that you will definitely have a night to remember? Well I won’t require you to have the patience of SEO, but instead I’ll give you the instant gratification of PPC.

Two friends, SEO and PPC are getting ready to head out on their quest to have an incredible time at the new local hotspot. They decide they will meet at the club since they live on opposite sides of town. As usual, PPC quickly gets ready and heads out the door. There is no style lost, however, in the quick process of getting ready. In fact PPC is looking quite flashy and really stands out from the crowd. PPC quickly finds a parking spot right next to the club and heads past the long line waiting to get in. As usual PPC is on the guest list and is ushered right inside.