10 Things the FBI Knows About Social Media Monitoring You Can Use to Generate Leads and Close Deals

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The FBI recently posted a Request for Information (RFI) for a “social media application.” But, it was really a request for a social media monitoring application. Why? Because the FBI recognizes what many inbound marketers already know and many others are discovering: There’s gold in them thar social media data.

You can use the same social media monitoring attributes the FBI wants to use to catch bad guys to generate and nurture leads, identify hot spots (good and bad), and close more deals.

3 Must-Take Steps to Brand Search Results for Your Name

Long passed the days when we had to wonder why we should care about search results for our (brand) names. Google reputation management is a well-known phrase to anyone making a living online. Hence, you are most likely to know that in order to maintain stable presence in branded search results, one should be working continuously.

If you are blogging a lot and care about your brand name and what people see when they are searching Google for your name, here are exactly three things you need to do once to improve your Google search results branding:

1. Verify the Authorship of Your Articles

A few months ago Google got really serious about giving more credit to great content authors. As a result, you can see the author’s headshot right within relevant search results.

The Super Bowl and Video SEO

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As Super Bowl XLVI is less than a week away, advertisers and marketers are firming up their ads that are expected to cost $3.5 – $4 million for a :30 second spot on NBC. While “Super Bowl commercials” are amongst the most exciting parts of the experience for the consumer (not the avid sports fan), marketers and advertisers should ask themselves if their commercial will effectively generate brand awareness and a purchase decision.

It seems as though Super Bowl commercials have become more of a battle of wit versus creating brand awareness. In recent years, more and more companies compete with each other and focus more on injecting humor into the ad versus focusing on making some sort of conversion. With the Super Bowl being presented online for the first time this year, perhaps advertisers should focus also on creating a viral marketing video that coincides with their super $3.5 million advertisement during the big game.

Will 2012 Become the Year of Mobile SEO?

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The mobile Web has been gaining HUGE momentum in the past few years. Different statistics pertaining to the mobile Internet paint a vivid picture of the latter growing bigger each day:

Consider Shifting Emphasis and Dollars to SMO and Reputation

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Numbers reflecting user participation on social sites were issued recently, stirring the interest of marketers and brands leveraging popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. Out of 2,000 U.S. web users asked, an astounding 85% had Facebook accounts. About three-quarters of the population use the social platform daily, and over half of those asked have at least a hundred friends. Wow, the opportunity to engage markets is there.

The Consumers Have Arrived, Where’s the Businesses?

Further research showcased what consumers do with brand-produced media. It seems consumers are more than happy to share videos, mention companies in updates, read brand-produced editorial, “like” businesses, “retweet” posts, and interact with brands in other ways. So, consumers will interact but will brave brands?

Can Reputation Load Faster Than SEO?

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As online marketers, we celebrate the application of SEO. Quality, search engine optimization tactics help align a brand’s Web pages with particular keywords and phrases. However, the steady process takes time to solidify. A brand may benefit, perhaps reaching some goals more quickly, by engaging in other areas of online marketing. SEO unites user queries with a brand; a diligent brand executive can do the same. Consider the following ways to accelerateyour brand and online reputation.


Google’s “Search Plus Your World” to Kill Facebook and Twitter?

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There we go, folks. Barely had 2012 begun, when Google, the search engine that never sleeps, rolled out an unprecedentedly refreshing mode for its search results – Search Plus Your World.

Search plus Your World mixes “regular” (told you “regular” was relative) search results with various Web 2.0 pages associated with YOU, displaying different things you intended to share, say, only with your friends on Google+, right within the search results.

As creepy as it sounds, now, if you feed Google some obscure keyword and this keyword is present somewhere on your/your friends’ social media pages, those pages will most likely get included into your search results. And, the outcome can be quite surprising: for example, I performed a search for “5-star hotel” today and got this highly “relevant” share from a colleague: