How to Write Hundreds of Unique Articles from One Article with MS Excel – Article Theme Versioning

By Asif Anwar

Article Theme Versioning, was chosen as the name for this strategy. Because, you make many unique articles by making version of a specific theme of an article. So, each version contain the same theme. With Article Theme Versioning, you can create hundreds of articles from just one seed article. It involves manual versioning, word spinning, and sentence shuffling. The problem with spinning softwares is that you have to stay on their mercy for quality. But, in Article Theme Versioning with MS Excel you have the total control of your contents.

Why do you need Article Theme Versioning?

  • Content was the King, but recently unique contents are the new King.

How to Kick Ass with a Mobile Website

By Richard Kirk

People browsing your website via mobile devices are an ever-increasing segment of total website visitors. The proliferation of smartphones and increases in mobile browsing are key trends for 2009, with smartphone shipments worldwide set to grow by 23% this year, (despite a 9.1% decline in the mobile handset market). This not just a western phenomenon; in developing nations the cost of a computer makes a web-enabled mobile device even more attractive. With many companies looking to expand into new markets during the recession, this is an interesting point to note. Importantly, as mobile web use grows, the personal experiences of users are more likely than ever to be shared both online and in ‘the real world’.

Holistic Online Marketing

By Al Scillitani

You can excel in all marketing channels individually, yet never achieve overall optimal marketing health. Right now you are only feeding each marketing channel breads and grains, but they all need their fruits and vegetables too. Take your next online promotion to the next level.

I see a lot of articles on improving paid search, SEO, email, or social media, but not many on how these channels must all work together to improve overall conversions of a promotion. Everyone needs to understand that online promotions should work in sync with each other, not independently. By aligning all your promotional efforts in all channels, you are increasing your chances of marketing success. When I write “all,” I mean all: social media, email, paid search, affiliates, and any other channels you are using. Imagine increasing your conversion rates by .5 percent to two percent, or possibly more, in each marketing channel.

Oh, That’s Right, We Don’t Need SEO Standards

By Marta Turek

What is SEO?

“Suppose it’s got something to do with when doing a search, getting the most and best hits back, i.e. no crap.”

“A practise that improves performance and relevance of result sets for search engines. Never heard of it as a service.”

“No understanding at all…is it something that makes Google work better?”

“My guess is that you pay for a good position on the search engine.”

That is how 4 of 33 respondents in a closed study defined SEO. This very basic study was conducted among tertiary qualified professionals to provide a snapshot of the ‘general public’s ‘ understanding of search engine optimization. All respondents were asked not to perform any research prior to answering the questions.

SEO by You

By Chinmoy Kanjilal

SEO by you.

Readers, SEO has always been a field of tough competition and deep interest amongst the netizen, especially webmasters. Today, I will let you in to my biggest SEO secrets related to Technology blogs. One top secret of SEO is the content. And I always prefer it in a compiled manner, point-wise. So here is Chinmoy’s SEO Guide to success.

  • Choosing a good domain (Applicable if you do not have a domain yet)
  • your domain will reflect your website content and your niche. Keep it relevant.
  • Check over at for availability of your desired domain. Also look at the typo-domains. If they are huge in number with good ranks ,opt out. Chose a different domain.

The Small Business PPC Art of War

By Anthony Verre

If You’re Not An 800 lb Gorilla, You’re Guerrilla

It’s no big secret: PPC is competitive. And any advantage you can get is always an edge. The hardest part is finding the edge you can leverage effectively, efficiently, and strike a resonating blow. It sounds like war because it is. Pay-Per-Click generals need to find and exploit the weaknesses of competition.

Small businesses face a number of challenges in the PPC battleground, chief among them being that they have small-ish/smaller budgets than their larger counterparts. Meaning, for highly competitive and general keywords within your vertical, it’s difficult to compete. As such, brute force click-bids are impossible leverage because your competition will effectively price you out. Therefore, small businesses must leverage the one strength that a majority of them possess: small guerrilla marketing.

SEM & Job Recruitment

By Peter Zale

The New Environment

The growth of blogs, Wikis, sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Huddle and others point to the increasing use of the Web as an environment for users to communicate and collaborate with one another in the facilitation of work, play and self-expression. This has caused a profound shift of consumers from diffuse and passive to active community members whose immediate and worldwide communicative ability exerts powerful influence over the perception of brands.