127 Rockin’ Content Marketing Tips – A #CMWorld 2012 Cheat Sheet

Great conferences can be frustrating.

They inspire you, cram your brain with creative ideas and “ah-ha!” moments, jam your wallet with the biz cards of new friends, expand your waistline and kill your per diem. (That’s the fun part.) Then it’s time for goodbyes, the hassles of travel, playing catch up at the office and wondering where all that momentum went.

If, like me, you’ve been trying to keep up with the flood of valuable insights from Content Marketing World 2012, here’s a cheat sheet to help you out. It’s a mashup of highlights from fellow attendees, blog posts that stood out, and a couple bonus links for your listening pleasure.

How To Screw Up Email Like the Pros

This post comes from our Email Marketing Channel Sponsor AWeber.

Although it’s not a holiday, Friday the 13th has morphed into a very special occasion.

We get caught up in superstition, and the idea of bad luck and things going horribly wrong on one particular day almost seems rational.

But as marketers (and human beings), we actually screw up quite a bit. From minor errors to epic fails, none of us are immune — not even marketing rock stars.

Marketing All-Stars Have #FAIL Days, Too

If only we didn’t feel so isolated when those emails slip out with a glaring subject line typo or a missing call to action. Or go to the wrong list. Or simply fall flat.

Who better to console us than the marketing all-stars whose books and blogs we read?

That was precisely the thinking behind our Email Campaign Confessions project.

Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers [@JayBaer Blog World Takeaways Remix]

This post comes from our Email Marketing channel sponsor, AWeber.

You probably know Jay Baer from his award-winning blog, ConvinceandConvert.com. (And if you don’t, be sure to visit and bookmark the site today.)

After attending Jay’s “12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger” session at Blog World NYC, I caught up with him about several takeaway ideas for marketers and bloggers.

Later on, while reviewing my session notes, I noticed a number of Jay’s ideas applied just as well to email. So with all due credit to Jay, here’s my remixed version – “Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers” – drawn from his 12 imperatives.