Google Book Search Goes Mobile

For all of you lucky iPhone owners, there’s a new source to get books and magazines (like Vegetarian Times), for free on your mobile phone. Google Book Search has gone mobile.  The service is also on phones built on Google’s Android platform.

I’m the kind of person who likes to read – especially in an airport – and this gives free access to over a million books. Most of the books are in the public domain – which means published before 1923.

Amazon, maker of the Kindle also announced this week that they’re making their ebooks available on cell phones. To me, that’s even better. They have far less titles, and you’ve got to pay for them, but they’re current. Plus you get all the books are in their entirety.

Your Vote for Best Tweets of the Year

I’m in an awards mood today, and it’s almost time to reflect on 2008 as we head barreling into 2009. The New York Times blogged about a company’s quest (great PR move by Sawhorse Media)  to find the best tweeters of the year. The awards are called the Shorty Awards, and it’s a hot topic on Twitter. Over 12,000 entries have come in already.

I thought it was for top tweets, but it’s really for the top people on Twitter in different categories. This means it serves as a great way to see who’s popular on different subjects (just in case you need to reach or follow one of them).

Survey Says: Chris Hughes Top Online Marketer of 2008

100 Top Online Marketers of 2008

100 Top Online Marketers of 2008

Invesp Consulting, a company that does landing page optimization asked online marketers to nominate the best online marketers of 2008. These are marketers who have been innovative and contributed to online marketing as a whole. They named 100 of the best.

The first pick for online marketer of the Year was Chris Hughes who ran the online side of the historic victory of president elect Barak Obama and co-founded Facebook. “The campaign relied heavily on social media outlets to reach out to potential voters, increase their knowledge of Mr. Obama and rally their votes.” Hughes is also the youngest person on the list.

Blog Backup Service Out of Beta, Contest Today

Have you ever accidentally deleted a blog? I haven’t, but WordPress deleted mine for having one spammy link when I was a new blogger and didn’t know better. I never got it back.

Google accidentally deleted their own blog
once. This is preventable. blog backup service is celebrating the end of their beta launch with the  “Be a Hero. Save a blog.” contest.

They will offer more blog services but for now you can get a free blog backup (for a limited time). All day today Dec. 15, 2008 they are running a contest. Every two hours they’re giving away either a 16GB iPod Touch, or a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine.

To enter, do one of the items below. If you do more you get entered more times into the drawing…but you have to enter today. Here’s how:’s Answer to Why the Sky is Blue & Other Questions we Ask

Want to know what we as a group think about, worry about, and are curious about? gives insight by naming the top searches of the year. 2008 was a year of worries about gas prices and the economy. We sought out deals on vacations, used cars, and cheap apartments., the 7th largest search engine in the US gets 70 million unique monthly searches, according to comScore Media Metrix (Oct. 2008). Last year we had different things on our minds, and the categories of queries has changed. Still, the #1 search last year for politicians during the primaries is now president elect Barack Obama.

The famous celebrity moms who captured our attention was a pregnant Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, a young and pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, and a perky politician most of us hadn’t heard of until this year: Sarah Palin.

Press Releases from a Marketing Perspective

Vocus, the company that owns PRWeb sponsored a study by the Society for New Communications Research. They talked to over 420 marketing and PR professionals about the different ways they view press releases.

It reminds me of the evolution from getting search results and rankings in Google, to a focus on web site traffic and conversion. From what I’ve seen PR professionals are gradually changing perspective. It’s a tough transition because their clients seem to value seeing their name in print over the incremental benefits of traffic and sales.

The difference in perspective between PR and marketing:

PR Professionals

  • Want to get their clients on the news and value exposure in traditional media.
  • The value is in making the client look good in the right circles.

Over 70% of People Surveyed Don’t Enjoy Shopping Online

The fun of shopping online has worn off. Online megamall iStorez studied how people feel about shopping online. Only 1 in 10 Americans now shop just ‘for the fun of it,’ and the majority want improvements.

Here are some more findings:

  • 78% of younger shoppers say they think online shopping has room for improvement.
  • 55% find online shopping more convenient than shopping in stores
  • 36% find greater financial rewards (look online to get bargains)
  • 35% find more variety offline (even though there is much more variety online)
  • The woman who has the most admired fashion sense in politics right now is former vice president candidate Sarah Palin. That came at a price though – she famously $150,000 on her wardrobe.