Australian Politicians Go Online

Australian politicians are following the US example and going online in an attempt to win votes in this year’s federal election. This nation-wide election could see a new Prime Minister as head of state, and politicians on all sides are looking for innovative ways to speak to a “younger generation”.

We have watched the US politicians go online with blogs and other social media with interest. The high profile Aussie politicians have finally recognised the potential of social media as a tool to engage with potential voters – they are expecting to make a big impact online this year. The use of various Web 2.0 interactive elements, such as videos, messaging and music is expected to draw a younger voter base.

Google Privacy Debate Hits Australia

The recent concern surrounding privacy laws is now making waves in Australia.

The European Union announced last week it was investigating whether Google has breached European privacy laws, and now the Australian privacy experts have added their opinion, as reported in the Australian Financial Review:

“Australians using US-based internet search engines are exposing themselves to privacy laws that are routinely bypassed by the US government and opening themselves to invasions of privacy that would never be allowed in other countries”

The issue here, the Aussie experts say, is that US privacy laws are different to Australian ones, and that Google could at any time be forced to give up the information they are holding to the US government. Of course, Google maintains that they have legitimate reasons for collecting information about internet users, but Australians are now being warned that US-based search engines, particularly Google, may be breaching their privacy rights.

G’Day from Google??

It looks like Google is getting serious about the Australian market…

This week the Australian Financial Review reported an interesting development: Google has bulked up its Australian operation and is continuing to expand.

When Google opened its Australian offices in Sydney one year ago, they were working well below their capacity with only a few dozen employees occupying a huge space that could fit well over 100. (perhaps in anticipation of a new Google cafeteria?)

Since then…

The search giant has increased its Australian staff to more than 100, and is seeking at least 80 more. It needs employees in all areas, from technical gurus focused on operations IT and engineering to advertising sales and marketing types. However, the company said it had no ceiling for talented engineers in particular.’