Cup of Joe: Haters Gonna Hate, Are You Going To Listen?

If you have spent any good amount of time online you have probably heard the now infamous saying, “Haters gonna hate”. No one is really sure where it came from, but it’s clear to see that it struck a nerve with internet users in a big way.

[…] a popular catchphrase used to indicate one’s complete disregard for an individual or a group’s hostile remarks addressed towards the speaker. [via]

Haters are all over the internet. They are in our comments, in our twitter feeds, and sometimes even in our email. If you are an online entrepreneur then you can multiply your hater count by 100! Because the truth is that haters are attracted to successful people. And at the same time, they hate successful people because they realize that success is hard work, and they aren’t cut out for it.

Cup of Joe: Is “April Fools” Good Marketing? Just Plain Fun? Or None Of The Above?

So, by now you are probably sick of all the April Fools jokes that are circling the Internet. To be honest, my contempt for all the jokes started last year. I mean seriously, isn’t this getting kind of old? Why are we fawning over these ridiculous jokes? And isn’t a bit cliche to pull a prank on the only day of the year reserved for it? It seems that if your company really wanted to gain attention from a prank they would stage one in July, or a time of the year that isn’t known for this type of foolishness. But, despite my disgust for these time wasters, I have put together a short list of this years highlights. Let me know what you think of each.

Cup of Joe: Boring Non-Creative People Needed

Theo Van GoghYay readers! I am back! If you didn’t notice last week, I wasn’t around to serve you a Cup of Joe! I am sorry about that. The truth is, I ran out of time. Things were so busy last week I didn’t have time to write this column.

Time is something I am not very good at. In fact I’ve never been very good at managing my time. In school I struggled through some classes not because I couldn’t comprehend the assignments, but because I found most of them boring, and accordingly, didn’t manage my time for them. It’s only been in the last few years that my own business has forced me to get better and develop organizational skills. However, it seems no matter what I do, I’m constantly reminding myself to stay on task and follow and update my schedule. The truth of the matter is I’m just not very good at managing my time and organizing lots of information.

Cup of Joe: My Biggest Secret To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Self confidence is everything.

What separates successful entrepreneurs from you? If you are already successful, then what have you got that others don’t? Well, the truth is each of us have different qualities that help us succeed, but very few successful entrepreneurs have low self confidence. Being sure of yourself at every step of the way is crucial to finding success. It will dramatically improve your marketing, product development, and pricing.

Cup of Joe: The Tron Guy Teaches Us About ORM

I will never again be anonymous, there will always be pictures of me in this costume floating around the net for as long as there is a net. And one of these days somebody’s going to come up with a way to synthesize 3D images from pictures on the internet and 3D models of me are going to float around space until there isn’t anymore.

The Tron Guy is right. For as long as there is an internet, he will be a part of it. This fact in itself, highlights the sometimes insane nature of the web. But it doesn’t excuse the fact that even the most illogical, and sometimes embarrassing content is now a permanent fixture in our ever evolving record of human history.

Cup of Joe: Send Me Money Right Now Because I Want It

The other day I realized that most of you have never sent me any money. Well, I want to change that right this minute! Below is my PayPal address. Sent me as much money as you can to it as soon as you can.

Ok, cool. I am glad I got that out of the way. I can’t imagine how long we would go with out you sending me what I am entitled to. Oh wait, did I say entitled to? No, I meant to say deserve. No, actually that doesn’t make sense either, I mean I don’t really deserve a penny from you. I guess, I just want you to send it to me, because I like getting things for free, especially cash. I mean lets face it, we all like free stuff right?

Cup of Joe: How To Kill A Relationship With 30 Years Of Wheelchairs

WheelchairSome of you know that I use an electric wheelchair to get around. In fact I have used a wheelchair my whole life. You can get the whole story elsewhere. For now I just want to talk about my wheelchairs. The first chair I had was red. It had a wooden seat assembly with an aluminum frame. The next chair I got was made of titanium and had custom axis that allowed me to reach the wheels better. When that chair was brand new I remember it moving like a boat through water, smooth and fast.