The ROI of Marketing Automation


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Marketing automation is a technology that streamlines and automates marketing tasks so companies can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

In other words, companies don’t buy marketing automation to automate their marketing. They buy it to:

  • Grow revenue faster
  • Generate more high quality sales-ready leads
  • Measure and prove marketing ROI
  • Save time and money in marketing

But while some companies achieve amazing ROI (100%+ improvements) from marketing automation, others achieve more modest gains, and a few fail to get value at all.

In this blog, I’ll summarize:

  • The latest research on the ROI of marketing automation,
  • Explain how varying levels of sophistication in usage (e.g. maturity) means some companies achieve wild success while others do not, and

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marketing Automation [Infographic]

Wonders of Marketing Automation PreviewWelcome to wondrous and exciting world of marketing automation, where you will travel and explore a wide variety of capabilities found in marketing automation software.

Enjoy the exciting activities available in Republic of Lead Management, relax in style on the island of CRMica, and be part of the hustle and bustle in the United States of Lead Generation.

For explorers of all levels, this infographic provides an in-depth look at the list of features you can find in your marketing automation platform. This field guide also indicates features that are typically found (and not found) in CRM solutions and Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Want to learn more? Download our Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.

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How to Create Marketing People Love With Marketing Automation

marketingautomationThis post comes from Marketing Pilgrim’s Marketing Automation channel sponsor, Marketo.

Modern marketing in the digital age is not just about numbers and processes. Buyers, (even those empowered by easy access to information) are still humans – which means they make decisions based on emotional connections, stored memories, images and feelings more than rational evaluations.

This is about your brand in general, but there is also a strong connection to how you market your company. When a customer loves your marketing, they are more likely to love your brand – and when they love your brand, they are more likely to purchase your products and services.

To this end, I sometimes get asked, “How does marketing automation software help me to create marketing that my customers love?” Perhaps they are confused by the term automation. It has long been an imperfect term to describe what the technology does, since it brings up images of factories and machines more than lovable marketing. But in reality, I believe that marketing automation is the essential technology for creating marketing that people love.

Here’s why