How One SEO Agency Grew Their Revenue by 3,597% in Three Years

3597Nope, I didn’t make that number up—online marketing agency digitalrelevance (previously branded as Slingshot SEO) really did grow their revenue that much, that fast. Here’s how.

Aaron Aders, Jeremy Dearringer and Kevin Bailey were high school buddies in the late 1990s who used to design websites for lunch money. After going their separate ways for a few years, they reconnected professionally to form Slingshot SEO, an SEO-focused agency in Indianapolis.

They originally focused their efforts on traditional SEO services—90% of their work consist of technical website optimization. But then came the Google updates. Between Google 2009’s Caffeine, 2011 Panda and 2012 Penguin updates, the search engine giant had fixed many of the problems Slingshot SEO was trying to solve for clients. Aaron Aders, Co-founder and Market Research Director, explains, “Those three updates changed SEO forever because they overcame the search engine’s major shortcomings. We realized we couldn’t create relevant brands for our clients without expanding our definition of SEO”. With their business model quickly becoming obsolete, Aders and his team had to rethink their strategy.