5 Squishy Tips for Account Transitions

This post comes from one of our guest bloggers, Susan Waldes of PPC Associates.

Here at PPC Associates, we’ve been growing super-fast as we quickly blow (blew) past the 50-employee benchmark. Growing so fast means dealing with a lot of account transitions.

We’ve grown junior team members into solid account managers and passed meatier accounts to them. We’ve worked on aligning the best personality and geographic matches possible. Sure, we have checklists, timelines, and transition call agendas and all the administrative pieces, but we’ve also learned some less tangible – I call them “squishy” – tips that make the transitions as seamless as possible from the relationship management side and keep all parties feeling happy and good.

5 Ways To Capitalize on TV in SEM Campaigns

Recently Google quietly changed the geo footprints formerly called “metros” into Nielsen® DMA® regions. This means that these metros are 100% aligned with television advertising footprints.

This change got me thinking about the interaction between TV advertising and SEM and its increasing significance as more and more people watch TV with a device in hand.

For large brands that actually do national TV advertising, the lift to SEM (particularly on brand) driven by TV adverts is clear and easy to read. However, even if you don’t have the budget or resources to run TV ads, there are still ways that TV affects your SEM account. Here are some ways for you to capitalize: