Google Analytics interview, profiles increase announced

Marketing researcher (UK) E-consultants just published an interesting interview with Brian Clifton, European head of web analytics at Google.

In the interview Brian talks about clearing the Google Analytics backlog (doors are now wide open), why Google Analytics was launched as a free service, concern about Google having access to conversion data relative to AdWords pricing, and availability of third-party consultants to help insure a successful configuration.

If you already have your Google Analytics account up and running you may be pleased to know that Google just increased the number of profiles you can use to track websites, sub-domains, or additional goals from 5 to 10.

-Timothy Seward
ROI Revolution

Guerilla Sales and Marketing Technique for B2B Lead Gen Websites

A few months ago, I happened to run across an article on B2B lead generation written by Ruth P. Stevens for Direct Magazine called “Feeding the Beast“.

Ruth’s premise for the article can be summed up:

THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION direct marketing can make in business-to-business is sales lead generation. It’s a simple formula: Salespeople need leads to make them more productive, and tried-and-true techniques of targeting, media selection, offer development, message platforms, response management and campaign analysis can help them out.

OK, that sound good but the real interesting tid-bit, labled under the “what’s new in B2B lead generation” intro, was the item that really caught my eye…identifying anonymous web site visitors:

But now, a new way to uncover the anonymous nature of B-to-B Web site visits has emerged: matching data to the visitor’s company domain name.