The Stench of Anonymous Blogging

When my cat was younger, he liked to claw at certain areas of our carpet. Through trial and error, my wife discovered that the best way to keep him from scratching was to spray Dollar Store Perfume where he’d like to claw. The strong scent would keep him from being naughty and ruining the flooring. I would jokingly ask my wife why she couldn’t buy the perfume that she wears at the Dollar Store…for after all, they’d feature many of the top “Brands” (term used loosely). Her reply was that Dollar Store perfume was very strong-smelling and the scent doesn’t last for more than a few minutes.

Advanced PPC Account Management Disorder

I’m reasonably sure I suffer from advanced sleep phase disorder (ASPD). I usually fall asleep around 9PM (and realistically, I could fall asleep earlier), and I’m awake and at my computer by 4:30am every day of the week, where I stay until I go off to the gym between 6:30 and 7am. Now, I’m not “working” that entire time…with my morning coffee, I ease into my schedule, catching up on news and sports, checking and answering email, monitoring and adjusting my fantasy sports teams, and emptying my RSS Reader of stories. When that’s “done”, I’m generally left with between 15-45 minutes to directly impact and affect my “work” before I go exercise.