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If a link drops on the web, does Google care enough to penalize you?

Bad LinksI receive several link removal requests a month from people who have left legitimate comments on my blogs. These people followed the rules and only embedded links in the little URL field that WordPress provides by default in the comment form. It is not required that you place a link there but most people do it.

The links use the “rel=’nofollow’” attribute and I manually review all the comments. Once in a blue moon a spammer gets past my vigilance with a well-crafted generic comment. I have learned to be more suspicious and to sometimes search the Web for the 1-2 sentences that the spammers leave before approving comments.

The Problem Is Not the Links: It is the Lack of Research

Marketing Lessons from the Netflix’s Micro-Genre Generator

netflixIf you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve seen the, sometimes strange, micro-genre listings on your homepage. Tucked in with the usual designations such as TV Mysteries, Classic Movies, and Sitcoms, are lists for Spy Action & Adventure from the 1930s, Cult Evil Kid Horror Movies, and Sentimental set in Europe Dramas from the 1970s.

This week, I have “Goofy TV Comedies from the 1990’s.” This showed up because I’ve been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, which I suppose is goofy, it was on TV in the 90’s and it’s funny, so I guess it works.

Alexis C. Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic was so fascinated by these strange encounters, he set out on a quest to understand and catalog all of the Netflix mico-genres. Final count? 76,897.

3 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

New-Year_Resolutions_listIt’s 2014! Does it feel any different? I know, you’re still trying it on to see how it fits. In the old days, we’d catch ourselves writing the old year on checks. Now that our web tools and mobile phones update automatically, it may take a little longer to sink in.

Still, it is a new year and that means it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions – only with a twist. This year, you’re going to actually follow through on the promises to yourself and we’ll be here all year to help. We believe in keeping it short and simple so there’s less chance of getting off track. So here we have. . .

3 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

1. I will create and post a new video every month.

Google Helpouts Goes Live

Google can be very ambitious to say the least. Their latest large sized ‘experiment’ is the idea of Helpouts.

TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm describes them like this.

Helpouts, Google’s fusion of Google+ Hangouts, Google Wallet, and its identity tools is now live. A ‘Helpout’ is a Hangout-like video chat, but instead of speaking with a friend, you are connected to a purported expert in whatever it is that you need help with. The tagline that Google has come up with for Helpouts is “real help from real people in real time.”

Imagine a video chat session that you are paying for, that lasts for as little as a minute or two. You have an issue, say, what is this lump on my hand, or, how do I pull off a particular makeup trick, and have a quick chat with a person who can see what your problem is.

Google Helpouts

Could be pretty handy but there are SO many questions about the reliability of the service more so from a technical point of view than from the ‘experts’ themselves. The biggest question is whether you would pay for this assistance or not.

The Pitch Agency Takes an Immersive Approach to Creating a Social Media Campaign

The Pitch 1800flowersLast week, on the AMC series The Pitch, two agencies were asked to create a social media campaign to encourage social gifting through 1-800-Flowers.

The two agencies, ONE/x and COR, both attended the meeting then took off to pursue their ideas in very different ways. COR went the traditional route. They called all their people together for a brainstorming session, generated 30 ideas then began narrowing the field.

ONE/x took a different route. Instead of heading back to the office, they took a field trip to a flower shop. They immersed themselves in the experience of buying flowers, interviewing people, taking photos. And, in a slightly creepy way, asked buyers to hold the image of a loved one in their mind as they smelled and touched the flowers.

The Marketing Pilgrim 2013 Shape-Up Plan for Marketers

shape upLike many Americans, I greeted the new year watching the ball drop in Time Square on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” It was an enjoyable experience except for the commercial breaks which were dominated by Weight Watchers. Not surprising, since getting into shape and losing weight always makes the list of top 3 New Year’s resolutions.

With that in mind, I put together a shape-up plan for marketers that will help you get a fresh start in this new year.

Review your website

When was the last time you read your own website? Doesn’t matter how perfect it was when you put it up five years ago, things change. Review every page of the site, read the text for typos and click to find broken links.

Lessons From the New Series Start-Ups: Silicon Valley

While the under-achievers of the Jersey Shore work on their tans, the over-achieving twenty-somethings of Silicon Valley are working on their next billion dollar idea.

Bravo’s new reality series Start-Ups: Silicon Valley tracks six young online entrepreneurs as they work, party and claw their way to the top of the heap. Siblings Ben and Hermione are looking to fund an app that calculates your life expectancy based on your daily choices (Burger for lunch, that’s 10 minutes off your life!). Sarah parlayed her “lifecast” blog into a cozy job as the social media manager for the Four Seasons hotel while Kim convinces ad buyers to fork over big bucks for Facebook advertising, and so on.

Above all, the series is highly entertaining, but after watching the first episode I also came away with several valuable lessons that I’d like to share.