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Dominos and Starbucks Turn Customer Behavior into Customer Service

Domino’s and Starbucks are turning customer behavior into customer service with new initiatives that add value to their current service.

In the UK, Domino’s is offering a new twist on dinner and a movie. When you order a pizza, you’ll also get a code to stream a movie from Lionsgate while you eat. That means you can ease your hunger while watching Hunger Games or spend Halloween night with the classic horror movie Scream.

It’s a brilliant combination that plays into something their customers were already doing, eating in front of the TV. Now, they get to link their name to one of the biggest movies of the past year and dozens of classics.

Domino’s marketing director Simon Wallis said:

In Case of Emergency: Do You Have a Plan?

Between Hurricane Sandy in the East and the recent 7.7 earthquake and tsunami warning in the West, it’s starting to feel like the end is nigh. But soon, it will be back to business as usual for most of us. That’s the good news. The bad news is that day may be further away than we’d like.

Even if you’re not in the path of the storm, Hurricane Sandy is going affect you. Here are a few things to think about to help lessen the storm’s impact on your online business.


We know from what happened after Hurricane Irene, shipping services are going to slow down and in some cases even stop for a number of days. That means checks that you expect to get in the mail won’t arrive on time and inventory shipments will be delayed as well.

How to Edit and Market Your Web Videos

In this final installment of 3 articles, Gareth Davies, author of “Videotastic!” looks first at editing video footage, and then suggests some ways you can market them online.

Post Production:

  • Edit, Edit and edit again – you need to be ruthless when you edit. Just because a clip took ages to shoot, or cost you more money than you planned, donít be tempted to leave it in the edit for that reason alone. Edit, edit and edit again to make sure your video only contains footage that aid the story.
  • Cut to the chase – web videos need to be immediate and straight to the point and long intros can lose an audience. Treat your final videos like a web page, as youíll only have a few seconds to draw people in, so cut to the chase. Think shorter rather than long but without losing the key information.
  • The Insider’s Guide to Web Video Production

    Web videos can help build trust, educate, inspire or entertain. They can even open up your business to new audiences. In part 2 of the exclusive web video series for Marketing Pilgrim readers, based on his new book, “Videotastic!” Gareth talks about production.


    With a script, location, a clear idea of what you want to shoot all in place, its time to think about production. This is when its important to know your kit and avoid the usual pitfalls of filming.

  • Go manual – Cameras that only have automatic settings can limit your options when you shoot. If you’re looking to buy a new camera to shoot web videos, then try and get one that shoots HD and has manual controls for focus, iris, zoom and white balance. Use these settings manually wherever possible, as they will offer more control over the type of footage your camera shoots.
  • Killer Tips to Making Web Videos and Marketing Them Like a Pro

    Whether we watch them on our smartphones, YouTube or Facebook, online videos have become a staple for entertainment, socializing and communication. Online videos can help build trust and credibility, educate prospects about products or services, or simply start a dialogue with new audiences. Here, Gareth Davies offers Marketing Pilgrim readers an exclusive insight into the world of web videos from his new book, “Videotastic!”. This is part one of a 3 part series.

    Part One

    A useful starting point when it comes to the world of web videos, is to think about what type of videos would work best for your business. Videos can sell and videos can inform customers and prospects, and sometimes a single video can do both. Here are some options of video that might work for your business below.

    Radio Holds Firm With Brighter Forecast for Future

    You may be wondering why Marketing Pilgrim, the Internet News blog, is talking about radio. Especially that silly old school over the air radio.

    Well, it’s like this. One thing we understand and need everyone else to at least consider is that while the online space is certainly the most intense growth area for marketers and it is going to be a significant part of the future, there are still other very viable channels for marketers to consider.

    We see a bit too much of the “online v. offline” marketing talk rather the smarter and more effective “online plus offline” discussions. A report from BIA/Kelsey reminded us that radio is still alive and may even have some growth on the horizon. Take a look for yourself.

    Roadblocks to Innovation: How to Keep Moving Forward in Business

    Kraft has been making cheese since the early 1920’s. They’re a well-respected brand and a leader in the business. Still, they can’t simply rest on their laurels. They have to keep coming up with new products, like Fresh Take. This product creates a crunchy, flavorful cheese and crumb coating with almost no mess. The secret is their dual bag that magically zips open to become a mixing bowl and crumb shaker. Kraft took a kitchen chore (breading meats) and turned it into a fast and easy option for dinner.

    Innovation is necessary if a company wants to grow, but it’s one of the hardest elements of running a business. Particularly when you’ve been around as long as Kraft has. It’s hard because innovation is a creative process and our days are generally anti-creative for a variety of reasons.