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Book Review: Mastering Panama / Yahoo! Search Marketing

image What with running Marketing Pilgrim, consulting, speaking, and writing my own book, you’d probably expect me to have no time to read. Well, when Mona Elesseily asks you to take a look at her new book Mastering Panama, with the promise to teach me everything I need to know in just 87 pages–I find the time to fit it in.

Mastering Panama is a “semi-book”. Not an e-book, but not a bound paperback either. Still, it’s well presented and very easy to follow. Elesseily (I’d normally call her Mona, but Elesseily makes me sound like a professional book reviewer!) does a great job of covering ALL you need to know about Yahoo’s Search Marketing platform. Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

Gooruze – A New Online Marketing Community

image Are you an online marketer trying to keep up with latest news and trends? Do you wish you could find a one-stop resource? Could you also use $10,000 of AdWords spending? Read on!

Forums are useful for threaded conversations, blogs are good for industry news, and social bookmarking sites help us figure out what it is popular. Take those channels, blend them together, and you get a brand new community called Gooruze.

After months of testing, Gooruze launches to the public today, promising to help marketing professionals share advice and learn from each other. It’s the first “online marketing” community where the content is created and rated by its members.

Using the same robust platform that already powers the successful network, Gooruze brings a blend of Digg, Sphinn, Webmaster World, and SEOmoz. The community launches with a fine group of “Founding Gooruze” (of which I am one of them) but offers a level playing field for all members.

TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley is a “Founding Gooruze” and explains why he’s personally involved.

“The part of the Gooruze pitch that particularly appealed to me was the notion of making online marketing information accessible. Let’s face it: this isn’t exactly an under-represented vertical, and there are many, many good SEO and general online marketing sites out there. What does lack though is accessible content, particularly for folks who may be starting out or looking to upgrade their knowledge sets.”

Ten Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

People buying online are an impatient bunch. No waiting in lines and the checkout lane is always open. But customers do abandon their carts, and it’s something online marketers want to prevent. e-Consultancy has some tips to help you get customers to finish the sale. Research from MarketingSherpa put abandonment rates at almost 60% (read MarketingSherpa’s tips).

abandoned-shopping-cart.jpg10 Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

1. Security – You’ve got to build trust with customers. One way is to put third party logos on your site and (of course) use a secure server address (https).

2. Keep the process short. Keep it to as few steps as necessary. Any longer and customers could change their minds.

Tips for Buying an Existing Domain Name

egX Group is holding an auction through to sell their domain name The auction however, is taking place offline in Miami, Florida October 9th to the 13th. According to Domain Name Journal, as of September 23, 2007, Moniker sold five of the top ten domain sales this year.

Domain Name Journal says domain names that have sold for the highest prices recently include: for $54,666 on GreatDomains and for $50,000 at

I’ve been more interested in this topic lately because I bought some domains that I’m ready to sell. My domain names and had grand plans. Especially However, I didn’t get into politics. So selling, not buying, a domain has been on my mind.

Tips for Building your Own Social Network

One of my dream job titles would be “online community builder.” I was recently at a local movie theater that had an internet café with giant screens. Most of what I saw was young kids emailing their friends on MySpace—not talking with them in real life but spending a weekend emailing them. There is almost more community online than offline.

A new whitepaper by social network builder KickApps is called, “9 Steps to a Successful Online Community.” The article talks about building a social community. The company lets you make your own social network where people can add video, photos, blogs, and other features. And you need community organizers or builders.

Tips on building a social network:

7.5 Rules of Selling Links – How Not to Get Penalized

Maybe now with the new evidence of Google punishing link sellers we can get a large scale movement towards content blended paid links; something that has been an uphill battle so far. Here’s a list of basic rules to live by when selling links.

Do not talk about selling links.

I have come across a large number of websites that openly advertise you can buy a link on their site. This is a big no-no. If you have an advertising page on your site, do not list anything about plain text paid links even if it is an option.

You DO NOT talk about selling links.

Email Marketers Need To Know SPF

According to a study conducted by email marketing experts Lyris, there is “an increasing reliance on the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) authentication method” to determine the legitimacy of inbound mail.

SPF is an open standard method to prevent sender address forgery. The solution to combat fake email works via a delivery policy specified in the domain’s DNS zone records. The receiving server can check whether a message has complied with the domain’s stated policy before conducting further checks.

The study, which monitored almost half a million messages, shows that permission-based email is delivered roughly 75 percent of the time to major ISP inboxes. Further examination showed a decrease in image spam and an increase in spam using PDF, PowerPoint or Excel files.