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Google Analytics Training: Video & Exclusive Discount

Here’s something a little different. We’ve done some interviews before, but this time my good friend Timothy Seward of Google Analytics training provider ROI Revolution and I sat down for a special sponsored edition of Marketing Pilgrim TV.

With Google Analytics switching to the new interface today, we thought we’d share some detailed information on what to expect and how to get the most out of the new Google Analytics.

The video is almost 30 minutes long and crammed with some great tips – including bonus tips from me at the end – and I promise you it’s not your normal infomercial.

Positively Blogging – 9 Tips to Help Bloggers Avoid Negative Nelly

By Sheila Beal

With great enthusiasm, I started blogging about Hawaii vacation planning three months ago.  I’ve been plugging and posting away and know that I’ve definitely been bitten by the blogging bug.   From my experience with blogging, I now truly understand the definition of a labor of love.  I’ve learned that in the early days of a blog, the effort outweighs the rewards. 

As I have been traveling up the steep learning curve, I’ve been searching for advice on how to make a blog successful.  Recently, Problogger posted an excellent guest post from Tim Hamm on 10 techniques he used to grow his blog from  0 to 12,000 RSS subscribers in seven months.  Point number five really resonated with me.  It says “Don’t give into negativity.”  I think it is human nature to feel a bit frustrated and unmotivated when your blog isn’t an instant success, but you can’t let it get the best of you.

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How would you like to get your hands on a 163-page internet marketing book for free? No we didn’t just rip-off the local Barnes & Noble, but we did take all of the submissions from our two search marketing scholarship contest, edit them, and compile them in a fantastic ebook. We thought about how much we could sell such a book, but then we thought aw heck, let’s just give it away!

The book is packed full of advice on search engine optimization, paid search and social media marketing and is worth at least 1000x the price you’ll pay for it!

How to Double Your Online Sales Without Any Marketing!

Ok, did that headline draw you in? Good!

Marketing Sherpa (via e-consultancy) has some advice for all e-commerce web sites – 48% of potential customers are bailing on their purchase at the checkout stage!

While some of these customers can’t be salvaged, many are likely abandoning their purchase due to reasons you have control over. I’ve worked with lots of companies that have asked for SEO and marketing advice, yet the first step is always to look at the usability of the site and the checkout process. I’ve told many clients, doubling your search engine traffic is often a lot harder than doubling your conversion rate!

How to Get 1,000,000 Links to Your Blog

We don’t often depart from normal marketing news coverage, but over at SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin has put together some great advice for any blogger hoping to match the 1 million backlinks they’ve built.

Although I’ve worked with Rand, it’s as an outside observer that I’ve been able to pinpoint the majority of SEOmoz’s success, and I’m glad that Rand’s covered this in his post. SEOmoz is one of the most powerful SEO communities on the web. There are few sites that have the same loyalty and numbers that SEOmoz has and it’s something they cherish and nurture with ever breath they take.

Any blogger would be wise to absorb what Rand has to say about building communities. Here’s the first of five tips he offers on the topic:

“Live by the Google, Die by the Google”

Let’s not beat around the bush: Google dominates the search market. Naturally, you want to rank well in Google for targeted keywords. But if that’s the entirety of your search marketing strategy, you need some major rethinking.

“What? Why?,” you ask. Case-in-point: even John Chow gets dumped by Google sometimes. John says his site was down when Googlebot came through last (thanks to an overzealous plugin). He had 193 unreachable URLs according to Webmaster Central.

Apparently, he had far to fall. He went from being #1 to being buried on page 6 for one of his most used keywords “make money online.”

But John’s not so worried–in part because he’s confident his rankings will improve once his site is crawled again, but also in part because Google isn’t his only traffic source. As he says:

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