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B2B CMO’s Future Reliant on Doing Things They Have Never Done Before

Change is a constant in the world of business. Whether you are a finance specialist who has to watch the changing tide of the law or a technology leader who has to try to stay ahead of the ‘latest and greatest’ most business people certainly have their work cut out for them.

One area that our readers can certainly relate to is the rapidly changing landscape of marketing. One could argue that the change has been the most intense for this discipline because it has been completely redefined. Rather than keeping pace with what’s new, marketers, especially at the C-level have had to adjust to the reinvention of the position. Many who sit at the top of the marketing food chain have climbed a burning rope to the top. All that means is that what it took to get to the top no longer applies. This is especially true in the B2B space.

A new study by Forrester makes this point

B2B Marketing's Role Changing

Nearly everyone polled agreed (or strongly agreed) that doing something it has never done before is going to be critical for success in the future. This should be a true wake-up call for the B2B CMO.

Other findings make this shift feel more like doom and gloom than change and adventure. Why? Because even with the need to do something differently CMO’s must

B2B Marketers Still Concentrating on Web Basics

Ever notice how quick the online marketing industry is to race to the next ‘big’ thing without ever quite completing the mastery of the previous next big thing?

It’s probably the least endearing quality of the industry since it ends up leaving a lot of disillusioned folks in its wake but that’s the price of progress, I suppose.

One group that has always been viewed as lagging behind is the B2B marketer. Based on findings from a BtoB Magazine study as reported by eMarketerthis group is focusing their sites most in 2013 on the most basic of elements; their websites.

Digital Marketing Techniques B2B

Brand Building and the Impact of Social Media

When asked about brand building strategies, marketers in a recent Forrester survey said that search and social media were neck-and-neck. Search won by a nose thanks to business to business marketers who rated social media lower than business to consumer marketers. But overall, it’s clear that social media is having a big impact.

Digging a little deeper we see that online video is hot with the B2B crowd (who knew) while mobile is the weapon of choice for B2C.

Social media is changing the way we sell everything from accordions to wildebeests, but marketing man can not live by Facebook alone.

B2B Marketers’ Social Media Efforts Have Much Room to Mature

Let’s just start by saying that the B2C approach vs. the B2B approach to social media marketing is often at opposite ends of the spectrum. Not always but often. Honestly, it should be. Asking you friends about an electronics purchase or the best place to find shoes is an inherently different mindset that finding the right multi-million dollar software and hardware combination for a business. In other words, there aren’t a lot of OMG’s in the B2B social media space (Thank God!).

Recent findings back this idea. eMarketer shows some research conducted in November of 2011 by Pardot that indicates where B2B marketers are spending their social media time.

B2B Marketing: What It’s Like in the Real World

There is plenty of information for marketers to consume on a daily basis and, quite honestly, it all starts to sound the same after a while. That’s a shame since many of the SEO fueled articles and posts of “How To’s” and “Here’s the Latest Theory Regarding (blank)” cover up real world lessons given by people who live this online marketing life every day and in very real situations. In fact, there are a lot of really good “How To” and “Top 5 This” content offerings that get lost in this noisy shuffle.

As part of our effort to bring our readers something a bit different we offer insight from someone who can talk about the real world delivery of marketing in the new media setting.

LinkedIn Adds Follow Button for Companies

If you’re in the Business to Business business, then you need a new LinkedIn Follow Button on your company website.

The new button makes it simple for people to follow your company updates and news through their LinkedIn feed.

To add it to your website or blog, visit the LinkedIn developer page and get the code in two clicks. You can get an “In Follow” button with or without a follower count.

LinkedIn has also made the company follow button accessible throughout the social media site. You’ll find it on any company profile page, in a pop-up from any company employee, or straight from the search results page.

Remember, the follow button works both ways. Click it to stay in touch with companies you do business with (or would like to do business with) or use it to keep tabs on your competitors.

Report Shows Marketers Less Confident in Measurement of Efforts

eConsultancy along with Experian Marketing Services has released their Marketing Budgets 2012 report and as we have seen in the recent past, most companies continue to or intend to continue to increase spending on the digital channel. That’s good news in that there is recognition that the digital channel is an effective use of marketing dollars which can often be harder to find in the current economic climate. Here are some quick data points from the study.

  • Of those companies increasing their digital marketing budgets, 79% will increase them by more than 10%.
  • Three-quarters (74%) of companies are increasing their investment in digital marketing technology this year, up from 67% in 2011.
  • More than half (56%) of companies are planning to recruit more people into their digital marketing teams in 2012, up from 52% in 2011.

There is more evidence given in the report that companies are turning more to the digital space as we move forward and we get that. It’s good news for those of us in the space but growth hasn’t been the problem.

Despite this rise in investment in the digital world the real problem comes in the analysis of this data. Whether it is in the online or offline space, marketers appear to be a getting a little less cocky about their ability to measure what is actually happening in the space. Take a look at this.