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B2B Marketers Use Social Media But Do They Get It?

We are seeing more and more reports coming out about the involvement of B2B marketers in social media. That’s a very good sign and something that is necessary on many levels for marketing success in the future. Of course, with anything that is just getting traction in a particular space there are some hiccups.

eMarketer reports on a survey produced by the management consulting firm Accenture. The report is dated November 3 but the data comes from May of this year. First is a look at how B2B marketing executives see their level of engagement in social media.

Now one would expect marketing executives to say that they are involved in social media because that’s what all the cool kids are doing and there are now more and more rumblings from the C-suite in the vein of “Are we using The Twitter?”

Study Shows Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketers

Its not news that B2B and B2C marketing techniques and preferences differ. As with most things, however, it’s when you see numbers tied to the assumptions that you can say “Hmmm, I didn’t know it was quite that different” or “Well, of course! I knew that already because I am a social media and marketing guru!”.

A report done by Webmarketing123 shows some of these stark differences particularly in the use of social media marketing. Here we see just how different the use of social media tools can be between the two disciplines.

What is more surprising about this is the B2C dependence on Facebook. Good news for Zuck and the boys, huh?

B2B Technology Purchasers Influenced by More Digital Collateral

B2B marketing is usually viewed as being behind the curve with regard to the online space. It has a reputation of being more traditional in its approach to how prospects and customers are reached and then developed. While this image of B2B marketers being less progressive than their B2C counterparts is warranted to a degree it appears as if that perception may be changing.

A recent study by Eccolo Media (which is a content marketing company so our research source antennae should be up class) shows that B2B technology buyers are expanding their marketing intake palette a bit. In other words, it’s not all white papers any more. Here is a snapshot of some of the ways that these tech folks are consuming marketing messages over the past six months.

B2B Researchers Prefer LinkedIn Over Facebook

With all of the focus that has been placed on Facebook lately (and for good reason since they are changing the rules of the social media game) it’s important not to lose sight of the B2B segment of the social media marketplace.

It’s quite easy for social media pundits and the like to dismiss B2B uses of the Twitter, Facebook etc because it’s not the sexy side of social media. Well, like many things in this life, just because it’s not all shiny and pretty doesn’t mean it’s not effective. In fact, our obsession with all things glitzy and polished often blinds us to areas where things actually work. The B2B social media space is one of those.

A recent report shows just how one “unsexy” player, LinkedIn, stomps Facebook in its level of importance in the purchasing research process for B2B companies. Take a look from the data from TriComB2B and the University of Dayton’s School of Business Administration as reported by eMarketer.