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The Stench of Anonymous Blogging

When my cat was younger, he liked to claw at certain areas of our carpet. Through trial and error, my wife discovered that the best way to keep him from scratching was to spray Dollar Store Perfume where he’d like to claw. The strong scent would keep him from being naughty and ruining the flooring. I would jokingly ask my wife why she couldn’t buy the perfume that she wears at the Dollar Store…for after all, they’d feature many of the top “Brands” (term used loosely). Her reply was that Dollar Store perfume was very strong-smelling and the scent doesn’t last for more than a few minutes.

In Advertising, Consumers Trust Earned Over Owned

When it comes to information about a product or brand, the personal recommendation trumps all else. That falls under the category of “earned” advertising. Your product was worthy, so you earned the respect of a consumer, who in turn, passed that good word on to their friends and family. It doesn’t get better than that.

The downside, is that “earned” advertising has to come when it comes. You can’t make it happen on schedule, so that’s where “paid” and “owned” come in.

Take a look at this trust chart from Nielsen and we’ll talk about it on the other side.

It’s a given that consumers don’t put much stock in paid advertising, but look at mobile dragging its knuckles at the bottom of the chart. Mobile phones and tablets are the hottest thing in tech right now, but people are almost universally shunning the ads they see there.

Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers [@JayBaer Blog World Takeaways Remix]

This post comes from our Email Marketing channel sponsor, AWeber.

You probably know Jay Baer from his award-winning blog, (And if you don’t, be sure to visit and bookmark the site today.)

After attending Jay’s “12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger” session at Blog World NYC, I caught up with him about several takeaway ideas for marketers and bloggers.

Later on, while reviewing my session notes, I noticed a number of Jay’s ideas applied just as well to email. So with all due credit to Jay, here’s my remixed version – “Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers” – drawn from his 12 imperatives.

Corporate Blogging Hits the Skids

Do you still blog on behalf of your company? If you do, you’re part of a dying breed. According to a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth report, corporate blogging is on the decline.

Of the companies they surveyed, only 37% were blogging in 2011. That’s down from 50% in 2010. If you look only at Fortune 500 companies, the percentage drops to 23%.

Why are corporate blogs falling out of favor? USA Today says, mostly because Facebook and Twitter are so much easier to manage.

Keeping up a blog is a lot harder than people think. I’ve dealt with dozens of clients who jump in with grand plans of updating every day! They soon learn that updating even once a week is a chore. It’s amazing how quickly seven days pass when you need to come up with a fresh blog post.

Blogging Continues to Grow

It used to be that blogging was sexy. It was what the cool kids did.

On many levels it still is but the content landscape has changed decidedly as social media continues to cement itself into our online world.

The nice thing about blogging is that it is not only surviving this period of change but it is even thriving. The chart below comes from Nielsen’s NM Incite service and shows the growth of blogging during the age of social media.

The need for a place for more developed thoughts and examinations of subjects has actually never been greater. As people realize exactly where social media falls in the process of content ingestion there needs to be a place where the 140 character idea is worked out in more detail. People who are smart seek more information and will not settle for undeveloped thoughts that are abbreviated to fit social media’s format.

The Gap Joins with Fashion Blogs for Truly Sharable Ads

The Gap knows that it’s not about the individual pieces in your wardrobe, it’s how you put them together that counts. Jeans and a t-shirt can be punk, preppy or Paris depending on how you mix and match the colors, prints and accessories.

This is the concept behind their new campaign which takes the simple catalog shoot and turns it into a highly shareable experience.

The Gap collaborated with six fashion and lifestyle blogs including WhoWhatWear, FabSugar, and MOG. Each blog took key items from The Gap’s new “Be Bright” line, then styled the clothes in a way that suited their readers.

From Tomboy Glam at Rue to Rockin Leather on Mog, each photo has two important elements, links to The Gap catalog and an easy share box.

Tumblr Hires Editorial Staff to Cover Itself

Tumblr is categorized as a social blogging site. That’s a nice title until you realize that there are 42 million Tumblr sites that are generating content (I hope they are not counting my account that I have done nothing with). One would hope that there is something of worth is going on in a community that big.

Combine this with the fact that Tumblr is a free service that needs to turn all of those accounts into revenue and your thoughts probably go to advertising. But how and where? Well Tumblr thinks it may have a solution. Of course, in the name of journalistic integrity the “a” word is not mentioned but we are smart enough to read between the lines.

The New York Times reports